Now all my doctors blame everything on fibro

Ever since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, any doctor I see blames my symptom or pain on fibro. I've had severe pain in my leges for months. The rheumatologist blamed it on fibro and sent me for physical therapy. When that didn't work, my primary doctor sent me to the spine clinic. That doctor told me that the exercises I did at physical therapy were wrong and he gave me new exercises to do. I finally went to a new doctor, who, thank goodness, ordered an MRI of my spine and tweaked my pills so I can at least get through the day. He's not even sure I have fibromyalgia!

But, since I have that diagnosis on my record, no matter what I get--anything from a hangnail to a pimple--it's blamed on fibo, lol.

Does anyone else have this problem, too?

I have anxiety, and right off the bat they blame it on that. My current general practitioner when I went in to go see him, I didn't tell him about my anxiety. I wanted to get an opinion without considering any kind of anxiety. I think they just grab the easy answers and go with it, complicated cases are not their thing. Wish I knew one of those doctors that enjoyed solving problems, like myself. I'm glad they finally ordered an MRI of your spine. I've been having problems with my legs and have never had an MRI below my cervical spine. I don't have back pain, so maybe they figure it's not an issue.

It's not you, this happens to everyone.

I have the best gp in the world. I was diagnosed with fibro many years ago. I actually went years with no major problems when I started having trouble a few years ago I told him I thought it was the fibro and he did a lot of blood test and when the results came back he said it probably is fibro plus lupus and sent me to a rheumy. I have been very blessed to have doctors where I worked listen to me and always check for other things.

I have terrible leg pain that drives me insane at time I can't redirect my focus on anything else except my leg pain, sleeping is impossible I tried all the doctors, fix it remedies with no success except for good old over the counter Magnesium 6-8 tablets a day and you get relief give it a try you don't need a script and it's reasonably cheap youv'e got nothing to lose so give it a try.