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Not the best Fibro Day

I walked Molly to Walmart and back… About 1 1/2 hours round trip including shopping. Then came home and cleaned for 5 hours. Now I’m paying for it. So, this will be short but I will leave a few quotes. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Hugs to all

  1. Inside every Fibro patient is a healthy person wondering what happened to their bodies.

  2. Sometimes pretending you are okay is easier than having to explain why you aren’t.

  3. Some days I amaze myself, other days I put the laundry in the oven.

  4. This cleaning with alcohol is not working; Nothing gets done after the first bottle.

  5. It is not boring at all to stay in the house but how come a bag of rice has 7, 456 pieces and the other bag has 7, 398?

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#3 made me laugh out loud!! :grinning:

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Hope you are feeling better today, Gramybear! :purple_heart:

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3 made me laugh :joy: as well

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I know I am doing way too much but I just can’t help myself!! I moved a bunch of different size rocks from my neighbors yard into my back yard and I didn’t realize how heavy they are. This morning I dropped one against the neighbors tin storage room. He peaked his head around and I smiled. I said, these suckers are heavier than I thought! He laughed.
Then I came in to continue painting my walls with the Mold Killing paint. I have bad mold issues. Once that is done I’ll put a soft color on the walls. My paneling is so old. I own a 1968 Mobile Home! But I have to say the two walls I’ve completed make all the difference in the world. I will crash and burn soon but in the meantime!! LOL

I’m trying!! LOL… We all need to laugh at least once a day.

Remember to pace yourself! Especially lifting heavy things! How weird that your neighbor guy didn’t offer to help. Hope you have a great day :blush:

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One of my neighbors came over this morning and started helping me finish putting the rocks where I wanted them. And he’s not in the best health. I sure did appreciate it. Then I started back in with my painting. That is so tiring!! I should sleep good tonight, I hope!! Back to it tomorrow along with laundry, watering, all the fun stuff!! LOL

I am glad you got some help. I believe he will be blessed for lending a hand, just as you are a blessing to all of us, gramybear! And, yes, exhaustion is one way to make the body sleep - Ha! :upside_down_face: