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Not knowing where my edges are?

Always since childhood a problem with depth perception and understanding distances. But i always knew where i was in space: close my eyes and touch my nose or walk a straight line or whatever other test the doctor tried.

Yoga and tai chi for > 10 years also helped my focus and my flexibility. Have not been able to attend either for > 3 years.

Seems like several times every day, i bump into something that is closer than i thought, or totally miss when setting something down or picking something up.

I wake up with bruises i don’t know how i got and have to ask my husband does he remember hearing my say OUCH! and does he remember what i was doing?

This is a big change for me compared to younger years.

Has anyone else lost their proprioception? Were you able to get it back, and if so, how?

Thanks for whatever you can share, ra🐢

Hi there @ranselmo49! That’s an interesting question, about loss of proprioception. I don’t have any answers for you, but I do have questions. Is this something sudden, or a slow change? Have you shared this with your doctor?

I know that for kids with issues like this, they work with occupational therapists. This may be something to ask your doctor about. I wonder if there is a direct connection to fibromyalgia, or if it’s more about the brain fog that comes with it.

Sharon from ModSupport

Thanks, Sharon, for your reply. I have appointments coming up in a few weeks with both my PCP and my Rheum doctors. This is on the list to talk about. It has not been sudden as in overnight, but it has come on in the last 6 months.

It is so hard to know what is and what isn’t fibromyalgia! I frequently ignore something and hope it will go away with time, but this has not.

Neither did my jaw pain, which turned out to be dislocated TMJ :confounded:

So many unpredictable symptoms!

Thanks, ra🐢