Not being able to work

Has anyone had to leave their job because of fatigue pain fibro fog. I had to in march of last year. In May my husband lost his job for being drunk very nice I have no money he had 401k has almost spent that. Certain members of my family are always after me that I need to get out and work. Well easier said than done I have just recently gotten my fibro under control with ggabapentin and hydrocodone, pretty much controlled still got fatigue if I over did it. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the spine excruciating pain just to walk or sit long. No lifting and bending is out or I am with the heating pad the rest of day. I was out in morphine tabs 15mg. I cannot understand how they think I can work somehow we need a way for them to be able to feel our pain I cannot listen to it anymore I will have to drop a sister from my life. I always hear my aunt has arthritis and she is working. A lot different than having the ailments I have I am dealing with what I have been dealt with. Yes it would be great to get a job who wants to stay home bound it gets very old after awhile. Ok sorry for the long vent but I feel much better and know you all will understand. Thank you

I am working and struggling everyday …I haven’t found anything to control my pain yet…not sure how long I can keep this up. Good luck, its hard when family doesn’t understand. You will get the support you need from here.

Thank you neece I know how you feel I struggled for a year and finally my body said no more I couldn’t hardly do anything at work made a lot of mistakes did not have the speed I once had. Was late coming back from break I just wanted to go home and sleep, good luck to you I have applied for disability am waiting for court date. It is a long process.

I was let go from my job because of the fibro fog, pain and fatigue. It is hard to get people to understand what we are going through and why we can't work. I have heard it all; if only you would try this medicine, if only you would be more active, if only you could tough it out, and so on. Don't let anyone who does not have fibro or who does not understand what you are going through get you down. Look for a support group in your area, it will give you a chance to meet other people who are going through the same thing as you. Apply for disability. It took me over a year, but I was approved for disability payments from Social Security. Look for a lawyer in your area who only handles social security disability claims. Most of them will only charge you if you win.

I had applied last year but didn’t have diagnosis and had too many assets so they say. The Next time I filed I had diagnosis records with drs they said I was showing signs of disability but could still do some work the next time I was denied because my husband made too much money that’s a joke. I have a disability advocates lawyer now she has all my records I call her and tell her when I have new meds or illness. I am like you I worked when I was young too have worked hard jobs all my life. It’s sad. I’m glad you got your disability

Yes I was at the brink of being fired I had went home without authorization I just had to get out of there I hurt so bad and I knew they wouldn’t agree to let me leave. Thank you all for the replies

It sounds like you are applying for assistance that is based on your income. If you have worked in the past you should apply for Social Security disability. This is not based on your assets or your husband's income. I had to use a social security disability claims lawyer to have my claim approved. I originally applied by myself and was denied. When I went to appeal the lawyer did all the paperwork for me and thankfully I was approved. Don't give up; sometimes it takes persistence to be approved.

Thank you I will keep posted I am so glad to have found this site it popped up on tablet, a nice gift

I am trying to get back to work... but my GP informed me that I may never be able to do my job again and told me to be thinking about other work that I can do. Well I have nothing to fall back on that isn't physical is all I know...Work hard. SSDI may be in my future but I will have put up a good effort to do my job before I call it quits. My family depends on me for their insurance. I need the insurance. I will have good records of my attempts to work and I keep a journal.So once I get to that point... Hopefully I will have all they need.

Good luck to you in finding work, I needed ins as well but had to give It up too I could not afford the 400 dollars a month to keep it. As of now I am self pay no way to obamacare I want to keep my drs so far so good.

Thank u, keep me posted as that may be. My next step.

Right now I am going through the transition stages of if I will be looking for a more suitable job or going on SSDI , with the possibility of part time work with SSDI. I have been off work for 7 mos. on leave. They have determined that I definitely can not go back to my old line of work. I have a case worker working with me right now. I get easily fatigued and have fibro fog issues. It is getting worse for me now too. I seem to have the same ailments as you. My arthritis is not just in my back though. Yes, lifting, pushing, pulling , and bending are all out for me too. Yes, some people with fibro do work, and some don't. Also, some people with plain arthritis work and some don't. It all depends on the severity and symptoms of the individual. No one can feel your pain but you. I hope you can get the right resources and channels you need to empower yourself as some of us have. I know this site has been a great help to me so far. I hope you can explain and get through to your family members as to the difference in what you are going through and don't have to give them up. Keep your chin up. I'm rooting for you.

Thank you I am looking forward to chatting on this site I need to gradually slip in. I too have arthritis in different areas I have psoriatic arthritis. In feet very painful walking I have been given volteran gel for my knee and feet inflimmation it has helped tremendously

I'm glad you have found a medication to help with that some. Still hope the job situation works out for you.

I left my job without authorization also. I didn't know I had fibro at that time, but knew I hurt, my brain wasn't working right and I was so exhausted I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. I pushed for my vacation time for over 2 months and they kept pushing me aside. I finally just had to leave and not come back. I don't think I will ever be able to work as a nurse again. It is so stressful and stress is one of my big triggers for a flare up. We have to learn how to take care of ourselves. Im still working on that.

Your story breaks my heart. When will people who need help because of medical conditions be able to receive the help without having to go through a lengthy process? I will pray for you and your family.