Normals don't understand

How do you explain fibromyalgia? Simple answer there is no way.
I could easily tell you my symptoms today because they’re everywhere. Neck shoulders back arm fingers toes knees hips thighs ankles calves feet even my scalp hurts. How can you explain that without people looking at us like we’re crazy? Not to mention the IBS,extreme fatigue, fibro fog, sensativeties, ect. Is it normal that I have to pee 25 to 30 times a day? And I haven’t even mention the side effects of our meds.
I don’t blame people for not understanding. I couldn’t imagine being the outside looking in. How can anybody deal with this much pain and still be alive? People don’t understand how strong we are. A lot of them only see our weaknesses.
I have spoke with my friends and family about this. It’s very hard to do because they don’t understand. But you all do and I thank you so much for being here. It is helping me very much with my journey. I’ve written a journal all my life and this is so much better. It’s so nice to get feedback. And know that I’m not crazy.
What is helped me the most is I realize that I can only do my best. I’m trying to educate myself on this disease. My family doctor is amazing she doesn’t know a whole lot about this disease but that’s okay. Because she treats me as a person with symptoms and not as a category.I believe that having a good doctor makes a huge difference.
I’m having a really bad day and I’m sorry if I’m bringing anybody down. Its just hard when you realize sometimes that there’s no recovery process and this illness. It is changed to I am and taking a part of my soul.
The good news is I still think I can have a pretty full and happy life.I have a beautiful family. I know there will be good days I just wish there weren’t so many bad.
Thank you all for listening I love you all have a good day.

I actually had a much better post that I had written earlier. I hit the back button and lost it all. The fibro fog won’t let me remember it either. Oh well maybe I’ll try again later.

Hi my name is Jeannie Iv'e found the best way to answer peoples questions go to google type in fribomyalgia signs symptoms print of some copies they are easy to read they will be quiet shocked when they see it in black and white what you have to put up with it will do them good worth a try the more you babble the morw they don't believe them lol Warm Hugs Jeannie