Nonpharmalogical tips

I am looking for ideas - nonpharmalogical that I can do to help with my fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed 3 month ago. Any ideas that have worked for people please share ! Thanks

Hi, JW! I am glad for you that you finally have an answer so now you can begin to learn! I was diagnosed just in January 2017 but have been complaining to the doctor for many years.

The best solution I have found so far, is to improve my sleep. It had been over a year since I had a good night’s sleep. You know how it is: you wake up because you tried to turn over in your sleep and hurt yourself. So eventually you find another position to sleep and doze off. And then an hour later, wake again . . . and so on, all night long.

My massage therapist (yes, I recommend that too - it hurts but afterwards much improvement, at least for me) suggested I get a heated mattress pad for my bed. It is large enough for the whole mattress (not a small heating pad) and fits over mattress under the bottom sheet.

I bought twin size because my husband did not want it on his side and just laid it on top of our regular mattress pad and under the bottom sheet. I have had a good sleep every night since I put it on the bed in February. I set it to Preheat when I go have my bath (heats the entire side of the bed). Then change it to Low when I come to bed (seems to know where I am and only heats that part not the whole thing).

Amazing. Now, I can sleep all night. I can turn over without hurting myself and waking up. And on waking in the morning, I am not as stiff and sore as accustomed.

With a good night’s sleep, my next day is easier. I still hurt all day every day and I am still exhausted, but my mental function is much improved and fibro fog is receding. On Sunday, I was able to work out a puzzle for the first time in months! It took 2 months of good sleep to catch up mentally.

I bought it from Sunbeam, online, twin size and free shipping and 10% off as first time customer, I think it was $49.49. They have 10 or 12 different ones, so read all about them before you decide which. Some are waterproof or have other features.

I wish you good health and good sleep, RA:)