Non Medication Help For Pain

Hello, everyone. I am wondering if any of y'all have any advice on products that may help with pain. I currently have Two Old Goats Fibromyalgia Lotion and it does help some. Any other ideas?

That’s an interesting name, Two Goats. Where do you get that? I use regular Salonpas pads and their hot gel pads. I have some on right now and they feel great. They are inexpensive but the cost would be prohibitive if yu put them all over your body. I also use aspercreme (the generic) and that helps. And then I have the pain meds, MS Contin, which I take every 12 hours, and dilaudid, which I can take for breakthrough pain. I have only had to take a dilaudid once since I started the MS Contin so I am pleased with my results with that.

my cousin has told me about cocanut oil. i havent havent tried it yet but she does alot of research for me and is always telling me about new things she finds that will help with the fibro pain. fish oil is great for joint pain and swelling.

I had heard about it from a friend of mine. They sell it some stores, but I ordered mine from It comes in a small bottle, but a dab will do ya! I believe it was 10 or so for the small bottle. They also have a soap bar now that I am looking into getting it. I have seen the Salonpas pads, but wasn't sure how well they would work. Will try those as well as the coconut oil. I do believe I would try anything at this point. So far, I have tried IcyHot. Aspercreme, Capsazin, Epsom salt, heating pad, ice packs, and Two Old Goats. The Capsazin and goat lotion has worked the best so far. Wish the goat stuff came in a bath soak form. That would help tremendously. Thank you for the advice!! This is the best support group ever! :)

I have the Old Goat lotion too but the best I've found is Voltaren Emulgel which (in Canada) can be bought over the counter. I understand you need a prescription for it in the U.S.

The Thermacare heat wraps work well for me to. Like Susan says, Epsom salts & heating pads are good too.

A friend of mine in Houston, Texas sent me a couple of bottles of it. She swears she got it in a hardware store but am pretty sure she's pulling my leg. Must be a drug stores I would think.

Is MS Contin the slow release mophine?

It's true! They sell the Old Goat lotion in hardware stores and at animal clinics. I bought mine from the website though. I also bought the soap bar today. This stuff hurts so bad, and I am depressed because all I can do is lie on the couch watching everyone else be painfree and happy. :(

Yes, MS Contin is continuous release morphine and I think I just got a little shot because I feel real loopy all of a sudden. Nope, probably not the meds, it’s just me being my normal self.

Hi Susan, I have never heard of two old goats, but I’m for sure going to check it out. I’m so glad you like the group, I agree it’s the best support group ever !!

Seems you have tried just about everything I have, we can only just keeping looking, and sharing with one another what works for us !
God bless & hugs

No fair- you Canadians get all the good stuff over the counter and we have to have an Rx or it is illegal here! Bleh. LOL