No sugar allowed


My Rheumy told me yesterday that I need to adopt a vegan diet (+/- fish) and no sugar!

The vegan diet won’t be a problem for me as my husband is vegan so I pretty much vegan anyways, my problem will be no dessert!

Has anyone else cut sugar from their diet and found benefits?

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Hi, new to this chat group. I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia over 10+ years. After several ups and downs with depression and anxiety, I decided to take control. Taking control means that i have to look at my diet. Sugar and Gluten are two no-nos if you want to control the pain levels.

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So, does your doc mean no eggs or dairy or other animal products except fish? And then no gluten or sugar. Ouch.

However, this is very I interesting. I’ve certainly known people with various idiopathic illnesses that benefitted from ditching one or both. (How cruel. Sugar AND gluten.) I know it can be done, once you get your mind around it. I too will be interested to hear from others…

I realize I posted this under the wrong query (right subject, gluten, sugar) but I can’t seem to move it.

Hi Dominee, I posted a thought about your query in the wrong spot, below, but beyond that, I have another thought.
I was going to post something about my extraordinary success with D-Ribose, a supplement which is a sugar our bodies make. Wonder if that’s permissible.

Hi Lynne I’ve only just seen this message. Thanks! I’ll look it up and I’ve it an try as a sugar substitute.

Hi Dominee,
I should caution you about overdoing the D-ribose: it will produce undesirable intestinal side effects in some if you take too much at once. When I stick with the recommended 500mg at a time, all is well. But I have kind of a twitchy gut, and have unthinkingly overdone it on occasion, and spent a little time in the bathroom…ahem. Not cramping, just, um, bathroom time.
Good luck to you!