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No interest in Sex


Because it is now painful, I have lost all interest in sex. I don’t know if it’s gonna come back , but I really don’t want my husband to know that so I figured I would ask you guys if anyone has experienced a similar problem. And if I can ask you guys, who can I ask? Thanks


Same here. No pain, but also no feeling. It isn’t so important to me or my hubby, (because of his age and med conditions, he isn’t interested either), but I know it can’t be a very big deal when interest is unequal. Best advice I can give is talk about it with him. He might be thinking it’s about him, not your body betraying you. It seem like there would be middle ground in this issue, if all other things in your relationship are stable. Best of luck to you both.


Also, keep in mind there are many different ways to be intimate that don’t involve straight-up sex. Actually, there are many different ways to have sex! Sounds like you need to start thinking outside the box.

One of the first things that popped into my mind is a massage for your partner with a “happy ending.”

And the array of toys out there is truly mind boggling. I’m sure there’s something out there that allows for the intimacy of “sex” without triggering your pain or tiring you out.

And I agree with Zananne, you can’t hide this, you need to discuss it, but not as something that’s off limits, but rather as something that needs to change to be the best it can be for both of you.



I have pudendal neuralgia and Interstitial Cystitis on top of my Fibromyalgia and it makes it so difficult to have sex at times. I also have limited range of motion with my hips due to severe muscle knots. I completely understand. I am a very sexual person and I love sex, but sometimes it is just too painful. My hubby understands and is good about it, but when I can’t I feel way down about it. What I try to do is take a really warm bath and let my body warm up, I take my medication and try to let him do most of the work during sex when I feel that bad. We also use a lot of lube to help with the pain and he is gentle with moving my body. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: You are not alone


Thank you! That does give me some things I can do that will help me feel that I do have some control over some parts of my life. I don’t want Fibro to keep taking over my life it’s almost like a silent enemy I feel like I’m fighting every day.

You guys of all been great and this is why I come to this site I feel like I can share honestly be myself and get some feedback from people who really understand and can empathize with me thank you for being there for me


Yeah that sounds like fun. I remember that Larry David with Curb Your Enthusiasm with a happy ending! Lol!

When we first got married, we bought the seventies classic " Joy of Sex." ( Neither one of us knew what we were doing). Last night, I dug it out again and I’m gonna try to approach this with a positive attitude instead of always complaining


Hi there my sex drive is completely lost and I don’t think it’s my fibromyalgia I always put it down to medication I still love the thought of sex but the act is gone it’s frustrating when you are the first hurdle of discovering all the things fibromyalgia actually changes in your life. I have come to terms with it now and that is the key to mentally feeling better. Don’t get me wrong the pain and the burning skin all of different weird stuff I take a deep breath and try to get on with it talk to your husband I’m sure you guys will find a way to express your love without intercouse xxx good luck xx


Dear Amanda,

Yes this is the latest in a series of realization that my life is going to be very different from now on I can remember time obviously when I was younger that I actually did look forward to sex but now it just seems like one more chore I have to do , in addition to all the other things I have to do that take about four times as long as they used to. Been having problems lately I think the stress of this disease plus the fact that his both his parents are very elderly and have their own issues it’s a lot for anyone and Tommy is a rock. Still I think we’re both in the face of life are you start to get used to the fact that you’re not going to be young anymore and that you find new ways to enjoy life and appreciate the family members that I still do have I guess I have left the topic of sex but it feels really nice to be able to explain to someone who knows life was difficult enough even before fibromyalgia it is a struggle every day. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me. I’ll be praying for you and sending out some positive thoughts as we both fight the good fight and struggle have a good night. Lisa