No Doctor = No Happiness

Hi All!

Long time no talk!

Things have been so crazy for me. The last I posted on here was on my college graduation day back in May and before then, about my wonderful new specialist.

Well bad news bears ..

My specialist decided he is no longer taking ANY forms of insurance. I cried and cried because finally I had a doctor who believed me and who was making me feel a million times better and now I'm back to the fatigue, pain, headaches, sleeplessness, RLS, etc etc etc.

I started my first post-college job and I really enjoy it. I have great coworkers, I'm good at what I'm doing, and I even got a promotion last week.

The only problem is that I'm feeling like CRAP! I NEED a new doctor ASAP because I can't keep sitting at my desk with glazed over eyes and no energy to move. I've contacted so many doctors but nothing seems to be working out.


I could really use some words of encouragement :/

I sometimes wonder what I would feel like if I quit taking all my medications. I guess you are feeling kinda like that.

Sounds to me like he wants to be paid up front, and let you file the insurance. Check with your insurance and see what it covers, and if He is on there. Or find another Dr. and start from scratch. It's not all bad, sounds like you love your job. You have insurance, so there is hope there as well.

Hi somehearts,

Good to hear from you! YOU DID IT, congratulations! Things seem to be going well on that end.

I have to ask if you can pay your Doctor of choice the cash, and submit the paperwork to your Insurance Company? I cannot imagine that he is going to have a thriving practice without being linked to Insurance in some way, unless he is in an area where he was able to accrue a clientele of people of means.

I'd dig around and send you a link of nearby hospitals and their Rheumatology staff, but I don't have a location, and I surely understand your decision of privacy.

Here is an organization that may be of help to you, they appear to be nationwide..

Wishing you well,


Hi Somehearts,

Congratulations on graduation, getting a job and a promotion all in less than a year. Great job!

Have you asked your doctor for a name of another doctor that he respects. He should know other doctors in your area that understand Fibro like he does or he could send a note with your medical records explaining your case. You might also be able to do a google search for Fibro doctors in your area or see if you have a local fibro support group where you could speak to others in your area and find out what doctors they go to. (I know you've probably already don't this but just in case you haven't)

Have you removed all the junk from your diet? For the last week I've been on a gluten fee, soy fee, dairy fee, egg free, peanut free, corn free and sugar free plan and I seem to have more energy. I used to be ready for bed by 8 o'clock but now its around 9:30 before I'm asking what time it is because I'm tired. (just another thought)

Gentle Hugs,


I didn't know a doctor would do this either!! It's crazy!!

I have a regular physician but he doesn't believe in fibro so he's no help. I have reached out to friends and family, but so far no luck :/

Good luck to your daughter!!!

It's not too fun being medication-free. I was doing all-natural treatment because I don't like drugs, and being without my treatment has been very unpleasant!

Yes I googled and did insurance checks, etc. So far no luck!

Hi SK! Thanks!

Yes I looked into paying the cash and submitting it to my insurance, but no luck there either! Discussed it with my parents but it doesn't look like it would work out. That was a HUGE disappointment.

thank you for that site, I'll check it out!

Hi Stacey,

Yes I am gluten-free, dairy free, etc and it helps a little but my adrenal, thyroid, blood sugar, iron, insulin, etc. are all definitely off and I'll need either medication or supplements (which I prefer) to take care of that.

Thanks for your suggestion!