Nighttime and leg pain, RLS neuropathy?

Anyone with ideas on how to ease the jerking pains?

Hi, Wanda.
Magnesium Glycinate has helped me tremendously with RLS. Please do check with your doctor however before starting a new supplement.

I have found that massaging feet/legs helps relieve the jumpy/pain/crawly feeling. Occasionally I take flexeril.

I take a mag and potassium daily, and my body reminds me if I forget, like tonight :frowning: also I soak in hot bath with Epson salt too

I struggled with that I have not found anything except keeping the temp of the feet down and making sure skin is not dry that increases the burning feeling I get. IF my feet get too hot feeling makes my RLS worse. I sometimes squirt them with water. I have tried the medication but I couldn't take due to side effects. IF this all fails I rub them with lotion. I don't know what else to do. I have Flexeril also that does help sometimes.