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Newly diagnosed


Hello, I was just diagnosed two weeks ago, but I have been in pain for about a year (constantly for sure for 8 months, that is when I realized something was very wrong.) My new doc put me on cymbalta, but I have not been on it long enough to see much of a difference. I have been looking though discussions for things I can do to help manage the pain. Today, thankfully, it isn't bad. Just a dull pain in my hip. But usually my hip is screaming, my shoulder hurts to move, ankles hurt..... you get the picture, you know what I'm talking about. I have gone and bought tiger balm, because I have seen that helps some. I also made some bath salts and did a soak. I was just wondering if anyone had any other "tricks" to help without meds. Anyone have success with aroma therapy? I think stress is a major trigger for me, and as a working (manager of a grain elevator with a crew of 6 men) mom of 4 (3 teenagers and a 3 year old) I know I need to reduce my stress but not sure how. LOL Any help is appreciated


I do a massage twice weekly. Chiropractic and the manipulation at physical therapy helps when I get a pinched nerve (I have osteoarthritis in my neck). PT also gave me stretches which help IF I do them daily. I bought a new mattress (I was due) and a Cloud pillow. Icy Hot patches work if you have constant stabbing pains in one area. I use an Omron TENS unit I found at Walgeens for shoulder muscle spasms. I haven’t found a great non-med option for the pain down the leg though. I tried Cymbalta and I couldn’t think straight but I know many where it has helped. I was VERY hesitant to take Lyrica but it has really helped. It took 2-4 weeks to get used to though.


I haven't been taking it for that long, so I don't know if the Cymbalta is helping, but it isn't causing any more problems at the moment. I did read about a place in Columbus where you float in a tank of salt water. It is supposed to help with the pain. I thought about trying that. What type of stretches do you do?

I have heard of Omron TENS but don't know much about it. It's like a low electrical charge, right? Does it help? What does it feel like?


Hello Momof4,

I am also a Mom of 4, but all in their 30s now, with families of their own. I cannot begin to imagine how I would have coped if I had this condition when they were younger! I often cannot give my granchildren the time and attention I would like. As for working full time.. hats off to you, you are a strong woman. As you have said, stress is a major factor, it is for me too, and sometimes you just can't get rid of the things that cause the stress. So, I do gentle stretches, practise mindfulness and relaxation, Tai Chi, pace myself. i don't take anything for pain, just try to accept it, not fight it. Doesn't work for everyone, I know. Have a look at the mindfulness group on here, it might help.

Take care, Anne


It is nice to hear that someone can manage without meds! I hate taking meds when I don't have to. I have always resisted and dealt with pain (probably why it took so long to get diagnosed.) I will definitely check out that group. Thank you for the kind words and suggestions. :)


Omron TENS unit uses a low electrical charge (you can control the level from almost unnoticeable up to full muscle contraction) to create a massaging effect. I really like mine for spasms when nothing else helps. I have a neighbor that goes to the float place and loves it.


Hi I was just diagnosed a week ago and looking for any help. Have a lot of the same syptoms. My doctor said exercise and take tylenol for pain.


Hi, Susan. My doctor said the same thing. She said since I have no real inflammation that the naproxin she originally suggested probably wasn't going to help much. She said Tylenol is an actual pain reliever and should help more. I have discovered that stress is a major trigger for me, so I am attempting to reduce it using aromatherapy, some simple yoga moves and just learning where my limits are. Delegating responsibilities at work and home are hard for me, but I have to learn to do it because I simply can't do it all right now. LOL

I hope you can find some relief too. I do like tiger balm for sore achy muscles. I use the ultra and it is kinda intense at night and I have the patches for while I'm at work (less smell).

Susan said:

Hi I was just diagnosed a week ago and looking for any help. Have a lot of the same syptoms. My doctor said exercise and take tylenol for pain.