Hi Everyone,

I am so glad to find a support group online. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 year ago and have been on Lyrica since then. I get terrible flare ups and the one I had recently, which I still have now, is the worst! which led me to this site. No one understands when I say "fibromyalgia", it is like I am talking Italian. It is worse in our country where fibromyalgia is not yet as recognised, hence, very few people really understand what it is and how to help a family member who has one. I am fortunate that my 10-year-old daughter understands whenever I have an attack, she takes care of me, kneads my back and puts pain-reliever. The others just dismiss it as flu, "not-feeling-well", rheumatism, worse laziness. I don't use my affliction to justify anything, in fact no one even knows whenever I get a flare-up, unless it is as worst as this, and they hardly see me get up from bed except to reach for my medicines and take them. Sometimes it just gets frustrating I want to be left alone. I have missed a lot of important events because of this and no one seems to understand. :((

Well you definitely found the right place for.understanding and comfort

Awww I know how you feel sweetie.

You will love this group then. They are so friendly and helpful. Its nice to share our experiences and support each other.

I hope you feel better soon.


thanks jo


thanks Dena


Hello and welcome.

This is an amazing group of people. It is a completely safe environment. You can vent or just say whatever is on your mind. No one judges anyone. It is great!

Jackie S.

Try Cortisone (Prednisolone) you start with a high dose when the pain subsides you slowly wean yourself of them DO NOT ABRUTLY STOP taking them they work because they are the strongest anti inflammatory there is, you cannot stay on them because they have some pretty nasty side effects if taken long term but they stop flare ups in there tracks, when nothing else is working pain meds may as well be lollies this works. I only do it as a last resort but after 20+ yrs I'm so over it I do what works I don't look for a cure because I do not believe there is one. I see a Rhuematologist, a GP, a Pain Specialist and a Psychiartrist so I have every base covered I hope this helps you