Hello all,

I am new to this site. I was diagnosed with fibro in 2011 and have continued to work throughout this time in a full time job. But recently have being finding this more of a struggle and wanted to look for some online support.

Does anyone else have fibro and work full time? Do you have any successful coping strategies? Are your employers supportive?

Be great to chat with like minded people.

Take care,


Hi Becca!

I work fulltime, sometimes 50hrs a week!! I keep ice pads and use them everytime pain seems out of control, I’ve even gone into meetings with them in hand and place them around my neck, shoulders and back…it’s always a good motive for a good laugh!! When fibro fog seems way too foggy I go into the handicap bathroom, lock myself and do some lifgt excersis and stretching. And if I become to fatigue I escape to my car and take mini power naps, they help. Hope these quick tips help you some!!

hi rebecca. nice to meet you. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


Hi Becca

I worked full time till last year. I was on my feet most of the time and my doctor told me to get 2 pair of work shoes and switch them out every other day and to replace them as soon as they started looking worn. I also found the bigger pens worked better than the smaller ones. Do you have fmla leave at work? I have a friend that is working 3 weeks a month now and taking the other of. Try and rest as much as possible on your off days. Have cloths laid out for a week at a time for every one in the family it helps releve the stress of getting ready. If you sit alot rember to get up and stretch every hour.

I work full time and it hard at times, I rest as much as possible on weekends, I also have FMLA which allows me to be off when I have a flare. I have to take pain meds to help deal. I also soak in Epson a couple time a week. Good luck. .oh yea my employer is a jerk about does not understand.

Hi Becca

I work full time but currently, I am receiving short term disability for my balancing issues. The organization that I work for have been very supportive. Take things one day at a time. write lists and make schedules and use your phone and computers for alerts. This is what helps me when I have frogs or keep ahead of schedule just in case something happens and I have to be off for a period of time. I hope this helps. It helped me get through school and life. Welcome to the group.

Hi Becca and welcome! I do work full-time and have had fibro for about 16 years. For me, I try to take stretch breaks every hour. Sometimes when I feel a little foggy I or if I have some hypersensitivity going on, I put on headphones and play calming music. I also use ice packs as I can and I sometimes find relief from over-the-counter pain patches like Salon Pas. I have not told my employer about fibro, I do occasionally take days off to just rest. Hugs!

Hi Becca! I was diagnosed with FMS in March. I have had osteoarthritis in my spine & hips along with DDD for nearly 3 years now. I am 51 years old & work full time. My employer is very supportive of me & I am grateful. As for coping–knowing that when I get home from work that I can get into my whirlpool tub with the massaging jets makes it a bit easier to make it to 5:00 pm/quitting time! Sometimes I will alternate cold packs with a heating pad. I am watching my diet & eliminating artificial sweeteners & heavily processed foods from my diet. I try to be more patient with myself-a used to be simple task done wrong can spiral me into a flare that can last a week! On the worst days when I just cannot catch a break with the pain- I just have to remind myself that there’s always tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then perhaps the next day,which becomes another tomorrow. My hope for you is that you have fewer painful days and more better days with less pain tomorrows. HUGS!!!

Becca, welcome.:slight_smile:
I work full time and have found best coping strategies for me all center around proactivity. I make lunches and pick out outfits ahead of time for my work week. I also have found ways to take reasonable shortcuts wherever I can when it comes to getting out the door in the morning. I always have a hard time getting up! Lol. I skip washing my hair, but every two days and instead wear it up or use dry shampoo and I have a simple breakfast, nothing too time consuming that may cause me to stress about running late! Keeping stress down is really important. I also get to bed early to assure I get enough sleep to be able to deal with the work day. :slight_smile: I told my employer but only because I felt it would be better for me if they knew and I felt they would be supportive. I think you should do what you feel is best for you.
Again, welcome, Becca! Glad you found us.

I used to work full-time but due to my particular career choice (retail management) I had to stop because of all the hours on my feet, lifting product and the walking the store. I spent almost 24 years in the industry and am trying to get disability while I go back to school part time to learn new skills that will allow me to work from home (I'm taking communication and computer programs like: After-Effects, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Maya, etc.).

Hi Becca,

So many positive replies, good for me too as I have only recently been diagnosed. I gave up full-time working before all these horrible Fibro symptoms kicked in. Now I only work a few days a week. I am supply teacher. I actually love working and am ok if I know I can have a rest the next day. I think that is key, to get yourself organised and know you can rest the next day. Sadly I would find it difficult to work everyday, and grateful that I don't have to.

Take care, Anne x