Not sure where to start…when I was 14 I started having terrible migraine… In highschool I was very active. I was in pain but thought it was normal. Fast forward to 19 and 2 car accidents and then I got pregnant and that’s when the leg pain started and just got worse over time. My husband finally persuaded me to tell my doc everything. You all know the drill…test, test, test! So I was diagnosed with FM, then chronic migraines, then neuropathy in my lower legs, then chronic pain. I have taken pretty much everything available as far as meds. Lyrica worked awesome until we upped the dose to 300 mg twice a day and then I gained weight. The thing that’s scares me the most is we have FM, MS, and ALS all in a few generations and I have o 90% chance of getting something worse. My son is now 9 and I quit working about a yr ago. My insomnia is so bad I take 2 different sleeping pills and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. I have no energy. My fibro fog is so bad sometime I cabt remember common words. My mind wonders easily. It is a miricle I take a shower everyday…and cooking dinner kills me.
That is me. In a nutshell I guess! I joined bc I do have good family support but no one really understands except ny husband. I just needed someone to talk to!
Thanks for listening!
Christina…age 28

Hi Christina,

Welcome to the group! You've come to the right place to talk, there are thousands of great people here from around the globe, who understand and can relate to all that you mention!

It seems as though insomnia is one of the biggest problems we all have. My Doctors have worked with me for years to try to get me to sleep, and it's finally working better. As Lovett mentions, the muscle relaxer, Tizanadine is sometimes all I need and if that doesn't work it's Ambien. I know they are being much more careful prescribing the latter, but I am not on the roads in the morning and if I have to be, I don't take that or pain meds.

Yes, I take 225 mg of Lyrica and it caused weight gain, of course not being as active is a contributing factor too! There are times when the Lyrica causes so much swelling, I just have to completely stop taking it for a few days, and luckily my body throws it off naturally! My Doctors are aware of this, of course.

My Rheumatologist has told me that the 'fog' we experience is from chronic pain, and lack of proper sleep due to chronic pain. So getting you to sleep is a must! I know it is frowned upon, but I fall asleep watching TV, it's a way to occupy my mind, get my mind off the pain. I used to try to read or meditate, but honestly, the TV is the answer for me!

I don't have all the answers, I can only tell you what works for me! Be sure to check out all of the groups within the site, there may be some of interest to you. You'll find the tab at the top of the page!

Good to have you with us!

Wishing you well,


hi welcome to the group Christina. i have been limiting my reading and writing lately so please excuse me for not saying too much now.. as far as the sleeping goes i know it is a huge problem for many. I do take ativan and benydryl at night and i also play meditative, relaxing, healing music while going to sleep. I highly recommend the healing music of Steven Halpern who has studied extensively for many years about how music sounds affect our brains thereby affecting every cell in our bodies. So many in the medical field tell people to relax but dont really know how to do it so they can not advise. My husband and i have studied much on things like this that affect our brains..You can read about Steven Halpern and sample some of the music. I recommend Chakra Suite. . much love to you and all the best! huggs


Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and for putting yourselves out there as well! I am definitely interested in new ways to help me through the day!