New type of pain meds from venom, 100 times stronger than Morphine, no risk of addiction:

So far there is only one of these meds on the market, known as Prialt, but scientists are currently researching the complex peptides found in cone snails, to broaden the list.

Things are looking up!

Thank you for posting this, SK!

Well now this is amazing news! God bless this snail. I have an even larger respect for nature now. Thanks for posting Susan hon.

I know! I was also amazed that I had never come across Prialt before. I found a video on the Weather Channel earlier today, of all places!

OMG, look at the price!

There had to be a downside, didn't there? We had better start farming some snails...

Wow! I’ll milk my own snails thank you… Ha! :wink:

Hopefully as these new drugs are developed, they will be prescribed and used and become more accessible and affordable.

Note to self: Move to Florida, eat multitudes of snails.

I want videos of this!

It just now 'registered' that this is administered by injection into the spinal fluid, so I'm guessing this would more often be used in ER or ICU care.

Lovett, it is NOT an opioid, that is how they know it is not addictive.

All of the Pain Management Doctors that I have been to, 5 in all, were also Anesthesiologists, so yes, they could give the injections. I don't think I would be willing to have this kind of injection on a regular basis. I would not allow the spinal tap to measure the level of substance P! NOPE! Invasive procedures have only made me worse, but in the case of a serious injury, my thoughts might be different!


They are also working to develop this into an oral med!