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Hi there, I have suffered for over a year now and at my worst I have been on crutches and every night I sleep with splints on. This weekend though has been my worst yesterday I woke up unable to move at all or speak and the pain in my back was like I was being cut open over and over again. The attack lasted for an hour but I still have back ache and suffer headaches daily I also have dwelling in my fingers daily and experience twitches dead legs and the feeling like I’m weighed down x is this normal

Hello Paula,

Sounds like you are dealing with awful symtomps, it mustbe so hard, Wish yiu well.


Hi Paula

I am so sorry to hear how you are suffering and I am sending you loving , healing thoughts your way .and

Hello Paula,
How terrible it must of been to be in that much pain and horrible condition.
Wishing you better days ahead. I hope you are in the hands of a good doctor.

Hi, Paula, are you under appropriate medical care? Your symptoms sound very extreme. Do you have other medical conditions in addition to Fibro? What sort of medications or techniques are you taking/doing for pain relief?

Hello Paula

I can't express to you how sorry I am this beast has found you too.

At times of a flare up we can be rendered unfunctional for lack of better word.

I have to walk with a cane now permanetly.

Each of us varies with syptoms and nothing is normal.

Always write down each syptom you experience to give your Doctor.

Because it is so important to your treatment.

Know you are Loved



I am so sorry for your pain. Please keep us informed when you are able.

Know that we are thinking of you,