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I am a mum to three young kids and married. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis last year aged 33 and now aged 34 diagnosed with fibromyalgia last month. Looking back I can see the signs but didnt know what was causing my back pain or extreme tiredness. Then when I was diagnosed with arthritis last year, I thought it was that causing all my pain. Turns out, it wasnt. I am now on amitryptaline and many painkillers, ibuprofen and paracetamol. I am also taking vitamin D as my rheumy thinks I may be deficient in it. I am currently awaiting my blood test.

I am sleeping better with the ami as I used to have very bad insomnia. I was started on 10mg but I upped it to 20mg after a week and its better for me. I am still extremely tired in the day though and my pain has decreased but not gone. So thats my story :slight_smile:

Welcome! You are not alone here. I am a married mother of 5 and RN still working FT. Not sure how I do it but I take it one day at a time. I also take Nortryptyline, Gabapentin, Flexeril, Effexor, and Tramadol. It all helps but still have pain, it’s just not as bad thank goodness. I am 49 years old, diagnosed in 2005 with FIbro, then diagnosed with Diabetes in 2009. I have good and bad days.

Hello Theresa and welcome. You have come to the right place as we're all in a very similar boat. First of all, let me say how sorry I am that you have not one but two major pain inducing illnesses. Plus with PsA you have to worry about bone and joint issues. That's a real bear of a diagnosis and i'm sorry.

I think that most of us feel as you do, having this explains a lot, and those ah-ha moments give us insight into what we once thought was a normal part of feeling that really wasn't. I'm not even sure that last sentence makes sense but it's all I can do.

Fibro seems to go hand in hand with auto-immune diseases. I don't know why. Some doctors think it's the pain of the auto-immune illness amplified by fibro. And the pain might come first, prior to the the auto-imune illness.

Ami is good for sleep. But you're right, it can make you sleepy during the day!

Thanks for sharing your story with us and welcome! I think you'll find this a good place to be.



hi theresa, nice to meet you. will chat more another time. love and hugggs

Hi and welcome to the group! It’s a really great place and lots to read :slight_smile: glad you’re here!

Hello Theresa

Thanks for introducing yourself to us.

Gentle hugs