New to Support Group


I am new to this support group but am excited to be a part of this informative community. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for several years now but have had symptoms even longer. I was in denial for quite some time because I have watched my mother suffer with it for years. I am a nurse and worked as a clinical manager in a very large practice for twenty years. This past December I had to retire due to the amount of stress that was exacerbating my Fibromyalgia symptoms. I just couldn’t cope any longer and my doctor had been urging me for awhile to leave my ‘toxic’ environment.
The past several weeks my Fibro pain has been excruciating, thus, causing me much frustration! I have already been reading the posts here and feel like finally I’m not alone in my struggle. My doctor has prescribed Savella, which I will be starting this week. I’m praying it helps.
Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself. I look forward to the comrodery.



Hi Jen welcome and I’m sorry to hear that your fibro is flaring on you I feel I’ve been in a flare for a while the summer time I usually feel a little bit better but I guess it will do what it wants I have it really bad in my hands and boy it sucks and I’m so sorry you’re mother has it no one in my family as of yet and they really don’t support me cuz they can’t believe someone could b in this much pain but my husband supports me tho I hope you have a great support system they say it great to have and this group is good to anyway I hope you have a less painful day and lite hugs to you!!!


Hi Jen,
I too have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue I know how much it sucks. After taking Lyrica and cymbalta for a long time I switched to Savella. I like it so far. I also take something called LDN low dose Naltrexone. It’s a new treatment for fibro. Naltrexone is a med they give to get people off of opiates but in very low doses it seems to help with the fibro pain. You should look into it. And if your thinking of applying for disability know that they always deny you the first time, you have to keep trying. When I was trying to get disability someone told me about a company called Allsup. They do all the paperwork for you and really work to get you what you need. There is no charge only if you get back pay they take a percentage. But the way I looked at it was if I could get it at all I would be willing to give them a percentage of anything owed to me. I’ve been on disability for 10 yrs now. I am in so much pain and my short term memory is pretty bad. I need to write stuff down or I forget. My husband has been very supportive which helps so much. Right now I’m dealing with something called pusatile tinnitus in my right ear. It’s sounds like I can hear my heart beat from the inside. I finally got an ear doctor who recommended a TMJ specialist and I have been wearing a mouthguard 24/7 for the past 2 months. It’s finally quieted down some. Thank goodness. I also go to the gym every morning and workout. That is very important. You have to keep moving even though it may hurt. It will hurt worse if you don’t exercise. Start out slow and keep at it. I hope I have helped you in some way. Gentle hugs!!