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Hi my name is Joy . I’ve have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome,and lymphocytic colitis. I recently had to quit my job entirely after partime hours were no longer manageable due to my health. I was diagnosed @ my family doctor and then confirmed @ Mayo’s Clinic. I’ve been living with these problems since 2012 and just recently applied for disability. It’s been a humbling terrifying, emotional experience quitting my career of over 20 years in the medical field but due to pain ,mobility issues and the unpredictable pattern of these health problems I took the leap of putting my health first . The depression is overwhelming and I’m in a flair of all 3 issues right now. I’ve read stories and got advice others have posted but would like to continue to share your story and encourage others and meet people who are in my same plight.

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Welcome. I am glad you have joined us I was also in the medical field.


Thanks I know I should try and sleep right now because I have a busy week at Mayo. Blood test fasting etc… good luck to the phlebotomy tech drawing my blood! Yuk at least I’m here after my family has been telling me to go. I guess all the problems I have had it’s not just crazy me!I was embarrassed because I am always sick with something. Worried about my relationshops and friends. I rarely feel like doing anything but laying on the couch with my dog and watching HGTV lol

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Joy, depression is definitely an issue with any chronic condition, you simply can’t avoid it but you can work with it and through it. My advice is to not ignore it or hope it goes away, deal with it head on.

Now, everyone gets depressed every now and then, it’s okay to have those feelings. When you feel that way for more than 90 days you need to seek outside help to get a handle on it. Keep in mind that one of the biggest things that comes along with depression is fatigue and body aches, which is just about the last thing you want to add to your particular chronic conditions!

Taking a mild anti-depression for an acute period of time (after 90 days of no improvement naturally) may not be a bad idea. Heck, some anti-depression meds like cymbalta also tend to help with chronic pain.

Just something to think about. Hang in there.



I am new to this forum. I have fibromyalgia, acute chronic pain syndrome, acute chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, fibro fog, short term memory loss, I take Eflexor for depression, Tylenol 3 w\codeine for pain daily as needed, oxycodone for flare ups, CBD oil everyday for pain, sleeping pills so I can sleep at night.
I was forced to retire from my job of 15 years as a warehouse manager when I could no longer do the duties required. I was first diagnosed 20 years ago just after my Mom passed away, I was able to keep my fibro under control with Cymbalta until three years ago when it just quit working for me. In 2015 I had a bad bout of shingles and this escalated my fibro to where I could no longer do my job and I was forced to leave my job. that was a sad day as loved my job, now I feel unless. My husband does most of the housework now since I am no longer able to do it all myself, husband does laundry as I can no longer climb stairs, I feel like I am no longer holding up my end. Husband used to do outside and I did inside of home. I have never felt more frustrated in my life than I do now. Husband has been retired for 10 years before I resigned my position so I was only one working in the family. I never had to depend on anyone else to do for me and it kills me not to be the independent person I used to be. I hope to be able to find support dealing with my condition from this chat forum that may help me deal with everyday challenges. I hope I have not drawn out my introduction.
I am married with two grown children, one boy, one girl and 4 grandchildren, 4 fur babies

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Hey I am new to the group also and see myself in your own and everyone else’s posts. I have been trying to deny my issues since 2015 but after my last episode last month I ended up in the hospital so severely dehydrated and malnourished I scared myself. I had always been independent that this continual loss of physical, mental and emotional abilities has taken a toll. I finally applied for disability last week. But after using all of our savings during my husband’s illness and subsequent death a few years ago I have nothing to support myself in the transition from working to not working and if I am not approved I know I have to keep trying.
As was suggested in another post Antidepressants and counseling have been very helpful for me with these issues as well as other difficulties throughout my life. They really help you keep things in perspective as well as sometimes having someone neutral to just unload on. Just remember that you need to be comfortable with them and if you are not try someone else until you find someone you like. I hope we both find this forum helpful! I have found very few people (including doctors) who understand chronic illness and have few friends and family members that get it either. I bet everyone here gets it!