New symptoms

Thank you all for making me feel welcome. This is new and all happening fast, I am having a hard time with the fact that something is controlling my body in a negative way. I am trying to be patient with the meds, otherwise I may go crazy, lol. I have a hard time dragging myself out of the house, going to work, doing anything that I used to enjoy. I spend all my off time resting up just so that I can trudge in to work. Today the weather is horrid and I have doubled up on my neurontin and am wearing my TENS unit. I am exhausted and my whole body hurts. I have a stressful job and it’s hard to relax my muscles while I am here. It’s just a lot to get over at once. I started with small flares of a day or two, now the last one I came off of was 12 days. I am hoping the weather will break and I can get over this one quickly.

Hi lexbluekeepergirl,welcome. I agree with fascina, everyone who has fibro it’s different for us all and I too agree that drs don’t get it. I think the tv ad for lyrica explains fibro great, as over active nerves and if this is the case as I feel it is, then which ever nerve it attacks you are going to have different symptoms, which could conceivably could change everyday. No your not being overly sensitive. For people who don’t have the nagging pain and symptoms that go with fibro, they do have a tendency to look at us like we have 3 heads. I made print outs for my family that explained my fibro,pm,CS, sjogrens. To look at me I look fine because I’m able to make fun of myself, but really on the inside I’m screaming in agony. I feel like I’m losing ground day b day, but I continue to move forward, and try my best to not show what’s actually happening. Good luck

I try to remind people that when diagnosed with a new chronic disease it takes a good year to really figure out what is actually the disease or just something else. The thing to figure out with help of your doctor, support groups plus educating yourself is exactly just that, what is the fibro and what is like hot flashes, very likely could be menopause at one of it's various stages. EIther way, I would tell your OB-GYN or primary doctor about those symptoms as well as your rheum.

I recommend keeping diary about your self, feelings, new body symptoms, diet etc...the entire larger picture. There are some websites that will email how you are feeling daily, Live Journal i believe is one or just keeping your own diary or journal on your health would be good idea.

Plus, remember that you are going through grieving process since it is sad news to be told you are sick and most likely will be a lot of the rest of your life. So this can affect your health as give yourself time.

I was recently reading an article about fibro and how it is becoming the catch all diagnosis for anything that some doctors just do not want to do the work in finding the real cause behind why the patient is sick. Many other doctors are becoming frustrated is appeared in the article which makes sense. Medscape had it...they carry all the best articles on fibro or any other health issue you may have...they do the searches for you. Most if not all of what they print is also reliable where a lot of stuff on internet is not so be only reliable well known sites, mayo clinc, web md etc...

So just try to be kind to yourself and keep a journal so you can ask your doctors what they think. More exact info you have about symptoms, time of day , what you ate, anything new you ate or meds including supplements you took should be included. good luck hope this helps

Siskiya, I agree with you 100% about Fibro being the "catch all" diagnosis! It's frustrating as hello! My daughter has Addison's and is in pain on her lower back, and in her legs, and a doc said that he was sure she has Firbo, although she has none of the pressure points! How often does this happen to other people?

The other thing I find very frustrating is that many doctors just don't get the whole extra nerve thing! That we DO have extra nerves firing off that hurt. (Of course I have really bad brain fog and can't remember an instance)

If you can't tell, I'm just frustrated today.

Lexblue, like Siskiya said, be kind to yourself. No one else knows what you are going through, but you.

i am very sorry about your daughter. All i can say is do not settle for those half brain doctors. Try to find one that fits with your needs and whom you and your daughter feel will really help you. I have had doctors not offended by asking if they can refer you to another doctor. That you just do not think it is good fit. IF they ask what you mean, be nice but honest. I say this because i have had some doctors go oh okay, so and so would be a better fit and most of the time it has worked.

I think i kept the article when i am feeling better i will try to find it. Stats were so high it really made impression on me about how many doctors are willing to just say it is fibro without any blood tests or giving up after just a basic tests are done.

I hope your daughter and yourself gets the help you really need and deserve!!

Wait!! There is a blood test for Fibro now?!

there has been for about a year. It is private still so your doctor must send it to the company that developed it. The price is very fair for that kind of test...less than thousand and accurate rate is higher than the one they now use for RA (rheumatoid arthritis)

here is web site,

It is sad that is is private still (patent) but after so many years those are dropped so eventually it will be widespread.

Personally, if i was not sure and did not have any other diagnosis that seemed to fit many of the other symptoms...or your doctor is not sure and think it might be separate diseases and treatment is very different than how fibro is treated it would be worth it. Cost of your meds might pay for the test that you may not need.

Oversensitivity is what Fibro is all about sadly...we all feel things more acutely than others and I often ask my doctor if it's a new symptom or just over sensitivity....she checks me out and's sensitivity or neuropathy. Don't be so hard on's not like we can help that our bodies have been taken over...right? So try to stay on the calm side and don't let the increase of symptoms throw you...just take a deep breath, let it out slowly and remember...we are here.

Be sweet to yourself!

Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

It probably wouldn't hurt to see a gynecologist. If we see these symptoms in the hospital where I work, we recommend seeing a specialist. Hope this helps.

I’ve already had a hysterectomy, and I did the hot flash deal then. This hot feeling was different. More than anything it was topical on my skin…which makes sense with the nerve stuff. Thank you all again for the nice responses :slight_smile: