New members info on chat room and adding a picture

First I want to thank you for joining us here at livingwithfibro. This is a great support group where u can make great friends and find answers.
I notice that a lot of new members will try to chat in the chat room and no one answers. This is not because we don’t care but because we know u r trying to chat. So if u want to chat u can type in hello and see if someone responds. If u don’t get a response then click on a name or more than one on the left hand side. This will put u in a private chat and when u type something it will ding and show up at the bottom of their page. This usually works but if they don’t have sound they may not notice the message depending on what they have at the bottom of their page. Also pay attention in the main room to the time of the last post. I have seen people answer the person who was last there and they r no longer on.
I have seen that some that some of the new members have put up a picture up but a lot of members do not have one. U dont have to put a pic up but it makes it much easier to find u or see what u have been doing and so on. It is totally up to u to put up a picture up. I know that u may not want a personal pic up but u can find pics on google or bing of just about anything. If u dont want a personal pic all u have to do is go to your search bar and above the search bar u will see web,image,news and maybe other tabs. Click on the image tab and then search for anything exp flowers,cartoon people,animals. Once u see a pic u want if u r using a mouse right click on the pic and choose download if u r using your phone or tablet put your finger on the pic and wait for the option to down load appears. Once u have your pic downloaded go to your page on this site and under settings on your page u will see where u can upload your pic. Just search your picture library and once u find your pic and then upload. U may have to crop it.
I do have discussions which talk about this issues separately but I thought I would put it all in one. Once again welcome we look forward to learning more about u.

Happy to help

Great info Stephanie... Thanks so much :)

Nice and clear....thanks bunches! Always~Laurel