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New member, always looking for a solution


I was diagnosed in May 2018. I believe it started after a skiing accident in 2015 that damaged my cervical spine. It exploded full blown about a month after my second surgery in 2017. Since 2015, I’ve tried just about every drug out there for pain. I’m now off all meds, and have to be so very careful in any activity to prevent a flare. I’m on a perpetual quest for a solution. And have already found some on this forum. So thank you for approving my membership request.


Very sorry to have to say welcome, as i would not wish fibro on my worst enemy! There are many very generous hearts here and you will be glad to have this refuge when regular folks don’t understand. :turtle:


Hello and welcome! I am seriously sorry it has taken so long for this only being the second reply to your post! I’m in a traumatic situation and severe attack and I’m actually able to text this message! Keep your head up and keep smiling, find a reason! Will write as soon as my brain can handle it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forum, it is nice to meet you. I have been away message boards for a long time because nothing worked. I have had two back surgeries and I, like you, have to be careful not todo anything to act it up. Having spine problems makes the fibro pain increase. What meds were you on? Did they stop the flare?


Thank you. I’ve eliminated the people who don’t understand from my life. I have a very supportive husband, and a few friends who keep me going. My goal every day is peace and acceptance for what is. My sister in law, who is also a chronic pain warrior once told me to go ahead and have that pity party, but don’t spend too much time there. You have a new and different life to live. Your job is to find out what that looks like now.


Cymbalta amatriptaline, gabapentin, lyrica, opioids, anti inflammatory, diet, meditation, stretching, walking, exercise. None really work. I’m taking Aleve, IB-Gard, and CBD oil to manage. Opioids only when desperate and weepy. Music soothes the beast. Singing along loudly helps! I’m currently touring the 70’s. Brings back lots of memories.:blush:


No apology necessary. I’m happy when I complete something within three months. :blush:


Have you ever been on prednisone? I was on that for a long time. I finally got off it a year ago. I feel it made my muscle pain worse, but my joint pain better. In the end I wanted off of it for health reasons. Now,Taking 5-10 mg of Indica marijuana. I am seeing a medical marijuana doctor for help. It does help with the pain and sleep at night. Celebrex during the day so I can drive. Just wishing for safer meds. The medication we have is tough on the body.


Ironically I was on prednisone after trying and failing to recover from surgery, when this came on suddenly. i guess I blocked a lot of that summer out. I tapered off when I developed terrifying tachycardia And widespread pain inside and out. My plan is to try low dose naltrexone. I’m not sure when that will happen. I’m not strong enough mentally or physically to try another experiment right now.


I sooooo understand where you’re coming from! Although my voice is gone now, I will still attempt the occasional sing-along. (Our cat’s opinion notwithstanding LOL) I love Google’s new ad for nothing more than the music they’ve returned to mankind’s consciousness! I still can’t believe they have the “rights” to the original studio version of “HELP!” by the Beatles. For a few short seconds the first time it played on my tv, I was transported to the back seat of our Belaire (sp?) station wagon, with not one fibro or RA symptom in my body. It was heaven! :smiley:

BTW, I have an extensive collection of DRM free digital music. If there’s ever a song you need, give me a holler, I just might have it! :smiley:



Thank you! Might you have any Ann Murray? I heard one of her songs about 6 months ago in a mini-mart gas station, and have not been able to get it out of my head since. The weird part is I knew exactly who it was, but couldn’t remember what I had for breakfast that morning.


There are functional cannabis strains that are also “painkillers”, with THC! The plant is so misunderstood! Off the top of my head, Grandaddy Purple: completely functional, able to drive, vision is only enhanced, not altered!


Every surgery I had made the FM progress! I stopped being test dummy years ago! I took every poisonous pill they told me to. The all made me worse.


Agreed. There will be no more invasive procedures for me. The last one was a biopsy that took weeks to heal with extreme pain. Doc offered to admit me to the hospital for observation. I declined.

Now, I will let them draw blood occasionally. But that is all. Even that sends me into a flare.


Great to know. The more knowledge we gain the safer root to treat pain for all of us. I will give that a try when I go back to purchase more!!