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New Intern Introduction

Hello! My name is Elana and I’m the new intern for this community. I’m very glad that I get to work with the fibromyalgia community, especially due to the good impression I have of it from when I was first applying for the internship. Since I’m new, I thought that it would be a good idea to briefly introduce myself to all of you. I’m just starting my junior year in university and am studying microbiology and anthropology. Once I graduate, I hope to go to medical school. When I have free time, I enjoy reading and drawing. I’m excited to engage with this community and look forward to learning from you all!

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Welcome Elana happy to have you aboard I am Annette one of the Moderators on the site and a retired nurse good luck with your studies at University hope everything comes true for you. Take Care.

Wow, Elana - It sounds like we can learn a lot from you! It appears that you have both an analytical and a creative mind, from the description you give of your studies and hobbies. That’s a rare combination - It looks like you are using it wisely.
Welcome to the community! :blush:

Hello Elana! It’s so nice to meet you - I’m also an intern for the Fibro community, and started interning just last year. Like you, I’m aiming for medical school after I finish my fourth year of university in health and disease studies. I look forward to working with you! :).

Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to working with you on this site.

Thank you for your kind words! Seeing your post brightened my day. I still have a lot to learn, so I hope that I’ll be able to properly contribute to this community. :smile:

Hi Sana! It’s nice to meet you too. I’m excited to collaborate with you! :grin: