New Information on CFS, they no longer think it is caused by a virus, but an underlying, undiagnosed endocrine problem

Here is some information I happened to stumble across, and was totally unaware of, I was under the impression that CFS was caused by the Epstein Barr virus, this Doctor thinks it's a Thyroid problem! Here is some good information as far as the function and purpose of the Thyroid.

Hi Sk, thanks for sharing this information. I have CF and I also have Epstein Barre, I was told that this is what caused my CF. I haven’t had my thyroid checked in a long time so I will check in to that. Hugs, Leanne

Huh. I wasn't aware that a virus has been ruled out as the cause of CFS. That in itself is interesting. So then theoretically, people with CFS should be able to give blood again. And maybe someday docs will give a laser zap to the hypothalamus and pituatory gland and people will be cured of CFS. Very intriguing!

I got my CFS diagnosis after a surgery for a cyst on my ovary. 6 weeks after the surgery I was in bed all day, I could not even watch TV, it was too exhausting to even have my eyes open for a few weeks.

I had all the thyroid tests done.

That was when they had just cleared me of ovarian cancer and said "oh no, you must have MS" .

And I was never told i had any virus with my CFS. They said we cant find anything wrong with you so it must be CFS.

Hi rattled, I would say that question is best answered by your Rheumatologist. He was the one that determined that the Psoriatic Arthritis was my primary autoimmune disease, and the others secondary.

I know, this is the information I was always familiar with as well, but I guess some Doctors have a different idea, perhaps she did extensive new research, or it is just her opinion.

I thought it was worth a consideration.

Hi everyone. Could my fibro be secondary to cfs? I was barely able to get out of bed for monthes after a cold. I thought I ws dying. I got bettrr but then developed fibro. It was undxd though for years. I had no insurance so e.r.drs. passed me around with no answers. I didn’t get a proper fibro dx until that flare passed and years later another occured after emotional trauma and i had very good insurance. Somewhere in that mix I was dxrd with low thyroid. I havent had any more long episodes of bedridden fatigue like in beginning. Thank goodness.

It's good to know this, you are the first person I can recall, on this site that has stated that they do not have the EB virus.

This philosophy was new information to me.

Hi SK, thank you for this link, I found it so interesting, I have every symptom of CFS, and finally am getting some help with Adderall. I saw an endocrinologist about 7 years ago, after reading this info I think my next specialist will be back to see her, my fatigue is always been worse than anything, and while I do have a lot of pain, this pain has always taken a back seat to the horrible fatigue.
Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, I hope that Costochondritis is getting better for you and the home repair is going well !
Hugs, love & blessings

Good stuff. The article got me thinking of Hormone Replacement Therapy, which, I've been using for about 10 years. It is a very small dose of estrogen and progesterone. If I don't take it I become a raging loon, aka - mean! I don't think I can absorb all the information right now, but I went to another website that describes HRT and the thyroid. I'm just beginning to have time to learn more about fibro, cf and all of this. It's all very confusing to me.


my doctor rolled her eyes when I asked for the lyme test. it was totally involuntary on her part, she ordered the test and I was negative.

I had several friends forward me a documentary regarding lyme and it was very aligned with my symptoms.

Answers will be nice, i hope some day we get them

I was never told I had EB virus. I was thoroughly tested at Oregon Health Sciences University in the fibro dept. Oh, I am so confused.


I don't know, Balti, but I think so. Some people here have both. Or maybe your fatigue was the onset of the fibro, instead of the usual pain.

You're lucky the fatigue went away. Curious that it did. Makes you wonder what it was and why it disappeared (thankfully.)

Low thyroid seems to be another common fibro symptom. I would have expected the medical establishment to say that fibro was caused by a thyroid imbalance instead of this news...but I guess anything is possible with these two illnesses.

Dee and Rattled,

I hope you both find a solution to the extreme fatigue. Maybe Adderall is it for you, Dee. I've found that my sleep machine helps me. So sometimes there IS an answer out there that works.

Good luck, ladies.

Lyra, we here at Ben's Friends have a super group for Lyme disease with members that have superb knowledge of all of the advance testing for Lyme. I am also a member as I live in a rural area, and have pulled ticks off my grandsons, while they were here with us. I am sure they would welcome you with open arms. Something to consider.

Hi rattled,

Hope you are feeling better today. I thank you for the hugs, no apologies necessary. Please know that I try to post all new information as far as meds, theories, therapies for all of the things that plague us. I feel that information is so important to us. No matter how great our Doctors may be, there is only so much time they can allow us.

For me, I have to understand what is happening to me, it helps me to accept my illnesses.

I do not have a diagnosis of CFS, but it has been considered, and I am continually tested for Thyroid. I even checked with our member who was a Physicians Assistant for Internal Medicine to make sue ALL possible tests had been run for Thyroid, and they had. I am still considering an Endocrinologist.