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New hypothesis on the origin of FMS and related diseases


Dear FMS-Community

I would like to present you a new hypothesis on the origin of FMS which I published under

It explains FMS as a result of a damage to a certain memory system in the brain, the so-called “extinction memory”. This memory system inhibits the activity of memories that are associated with the activation of muscle fibres. Consequently a damage to the extinction memory causes muscle fibre over activity and pain. The hypothesis fits well with the observation that FMS often occurs in traumatized persons, since they possess many memories associated with muscular reactions to the traumatizing event.

The hypothesis is somewhat complicated and on a high scientific level. If it is too much for you but you like the basic idea, please present it to your physician.

Thx! And best wishes, Rudger

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I found this very interesting! I read the short version but I like it and it makes sense! I shared it on my Facebook so my family can see it. I am curious if there have been any new developments with your research since it was published?