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Hey my names Harley I’m 23 and I’m currently working toward a diagnosis of fibro I also suffer from Cronic depression which is co morbid with ADHD. I’d like to learn as much as possible about fibro any info and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Harley

Welcome Harley

Fibro 101 has a lot of information.

Hi Harley. I am glad you found us. Lots of great info here and so many amazing people that share the fibro story. I hope you find some answers and smiles too! Hugs ST.

Welcome, Harley. We’re so glad to have you here with us. Tell us a little more about yourself. How’re you currently managing your Fibro and Depression symptoms? Are you under care of a rheumatologist?
There is also a Young People’s group here you may wish to consider joining as well as a Mindfulness group. Many are finding mindfulness techniques to be terrific for helping with managing their Depression and pain.


Thanks guys for your warm greetings! I was literally only learnt what fibro was yesterday so I’m still pretty shocked but after reading the booklet I was given yesterday everything seems to make Sense regarding all the conditions I have. To mange my fibro I plan to take up yoga and walking. Medication wise in already taking 150mg of trazodone and 120mg codeine a day. Also trying to mentain a positive attitude towards it all.

You’ve a great outlook, Harley. Yoga is very beneficial as is walking. Continue to reach out here. We’re all in this together and support is so important in developing coping strategies.

Hi Harley and welcome! Keep up the positive attitude, it goes a long way. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Hugs.

Hey man,

This disease sucks, and it's going to kick your butt some days. What I tell everyone is this: momentum. Find a routine that works for you and do NOT deviate. I've found it's easier to deal with the pain and fatigue on a daily basis when my routine demands that I get out of bed to do something. It doesn't mean I don't have flare-ups that force me down, but my daily life is easier to manage because of the momentum of my routine. That's my advice, anyway. Hope it helps :)

Welcome, Harley!

You are managing several conditions, which I understand well having Bipolar II, PTSD and fibro. The best advice I can share is to seek out a good support group that deals with any of your illnesses. My depression support group has been a lifeline for me in dealing with fibro, as there are days when I am completely wiped out emotionally and physically. I make every effort to attend each week because “being heard” is so important. The listener may not understand, but having a compassionate ear that is supportive will mean more to you than I can express.

Please keep us posted. I wish you wellness.