New here

Hi people!
I have finally been dxed after 20 years of misdiagnosing. After 100’s of labs, X-rays, MRIs, etc. I finally found an answer. Granted the answer sucks but not as bad as my previous misdiagnosises. I am scheduled to begin Cymblata in a few weeks. Side effects are scary but I have to try something. After 15 yrs in the medical field taking jobs that were easier on my body I gave up and have become a stay at home mom. I have more strength now and a lot less stress. Still even normal housework leads to a three hour nap. Just wanted to say hi and give the short version of why I am here.

Welcome Berly! It sure sounds familiar to me, though I was lucky enough to get my child raised before getting floored with all of this! My heart goes out to all of you Mom's who are still trying to get yours raised!


I’m so glad you have joined us ! It’s so nice to connect with others that understand. I also spent many years in the medical field, and just recently had to give it up, and like you I’m exhausted just trying to keep up with everyday stuff. Rest is so important, as well as stress relief.
There have been many discussions on Cymbalta , if you need or want more info , you can go through old posts, or start a new discussion.
I take Savella & it has helped, Cymbalta is similar, Iv heard that a lot of the side effects go away after a few weeks.
LWF is such a blessing…

Hi Berly,

Great to see you here.

I am new to the site too, well about 2 weeks, and have found the group very supportive. So a big welcome to the site. It is an awful condition and we need all the support we can get.



Thanks for the warm welcome. It is so nice hearing from people who understand. Today my hands are hurting so I soaked them in warm water just so that I could type this. I hope everyone has a painless weekend!