New doc, old med which is causing severe stomach problems - anyone else have issues with doxepin?

So all my excitement and hope fizzled rather quickly when the new pain management/ holistic doctor came in the office and said “So…tell me what you expect me to do for you.” Almost started crying because this was exactly what the last dr. I went to said. Is this the opening line for doctors treating Fibro patients? So I asked her if she wanted the hopeful or the realistic answer. She said both - where I then said I want you to help me sleep and help with the pain and realistically, I want the same thing!

After talking about all the meds I have tried, past history of surgeries and how long I’ve been suffering she examined me - you know, touchy feeling causing pain. She was like your elbows are really painful and I was like “yeah, I have Fibro!” Some days they hurt and some days they don’t. She didn’t like my strength in my hands so now have to have an MRI of my neck. I’m like - I’ve had a double cervical fusion and on bad days I’m not as strong. Felt like she was fishing for something else to be wrong. Also have to have a back X-ray while flexing - guess that means while bending over because I feel the bones slip as I’m getting up from bending over and she felt it too. Sorry about the lengthy background - she then gets to the sleep issue. She felt the sleep doctor I saw didn’t give me enough of the doxepin to make it effective. Started on 5 mg and then went to 10 mg with no success. She felt I should start with 25 mg for 10 days and then increase to 50 mg. going to work on the sleep first, then the pain. So I started on it a week ago and started noticing stomach problems after 4 days. I got real burpy and bloated. Then on Tuesday I had such stomach pains after having a salad for lunch I thought I was going to get ill. The last 2 nights the acid reflux was do bad it’s burning my throat. Had to take a Pepcid which helped a bit and called nurse-online through my insurance at 2:00 am. Went over my meds and she thought it was the doxepin. The only other pill I take at night is 1 mg of klonopin. I can’t take any over the counter pain like NSAIDs because of stomach problems they cause. So I called her office first thing this morning, left work at 10 AM due to no sleep and then of course lots of pain. It’s now almost 2:30 and haven’t heard anything. I guess I should add that it didn’t help with sleep - same old same old. Anyone else get stomach issues from doxepin and how much do you take to get some good sleep?

Wow, sorry to hear that your still going around the same bush. I have never taken doxepin so I wouldn't be very helpful there. I do pray that you will find something that will help with your fibro problems and not make you feel worse. Sue