Neuro stimulation therapy

Ok my doctor has said that he thinks I will receive some benefit from neurostimulation therapy. This is where they will place to Leeds under my skin but along my spine off wires and a battery pack will be placed on my backside and it will automatically send signals to my brain each time that I set up Stan lie down you name it and there will be a remote control so that I can actually adjust the settings to increase it for more or less as needed. What I’m wanting to know is has anyone tried this? And if so what was your experience with it. Also what model was it? Currently I am taking several medications that are making me tired and sleepy just to name a few I suffer from fibromyalgia degenerative disc disease IBS and Somnia and a few others my feet have both been fused together my lower back has also had a fusion on my l4/l5 so those also tend to get in the way and tends to also make my 5 or worse on different days.currently I am taking lyrica at 300 milligrams twice a day, and nucynta at 150 milligrams twice a day, ambien, oxycotton as needed, as well as hormone replacement therapy a hysterectomy which was a full and also medications such as lithium 300 milligrams 3 times a day so para mate point 25 milligrams twice a day Amitiza and I do not remember the name of the shot that I take in the stomach which is to help me be able to have bowel movements.

Hi Brook

I have not had this done but my neighbor has. He has excellent results after we talked about it he said any one thinking about it should research the doctor and way the pros and cons very carefully. As with any thing there are people that say it was the best thing they ever did and just as many that say they wished they had never done it.

I hope wahtever you decided you find some relief. Keep us updated on what you decide.