Ok, I will admit it, I am nervous. I have been having a lot of problems with my left eye (for a year and a half) and they can't figure out what the problem is. I have failed THREE visual field tests (I think the thought is if they make me do it often enough I will eventually "pass" - lol). I do really like my ophlamologist, she definitely is not chalking this up to Fibro which is nice. Anyway, tomorrow I have to have a new test, they are going to inject dye (they said not in my eye thank goodness) and then do a scan of the nerves and veins. I had dye injected for a MRI not long ago and didn't tolerate it well. So of course that makes me a little nervous. I just hope this time this exam will show what is wrong. I have had a bunch of tests and am a little tired of it but I also don't want to lose more eyesight. My eye has been worse for the past 10 days or so and that also makes me a little nervous. So I am trying to deep breathe and keep distracted . . .

Here is a little humor to brighten up your day. . .

I love the humor. Please let us no how the appointment goes.

Gentle Hugs, I hope your appt goes well. Please let us know what they find out. I know its hard to continue to go for test but hopefully this will be your last. And thanks for the humor. :-)


Sorry to hear you have these problems, but enjoyed your humour. Wish you well, and hope it is something that can be sorted - you have enough to contend with!

Take care, Anne

hi Auburn. i wish you all the best on your exam, that you get through it without any effects that you previously had.

thanks for letting me pray for you and you for making me laugh!!!



Thanks everyone for the prayers and positive support. I had the same reaction this time unfortunately but I don't think it lasted quite as long. Now I just have to wait for the results. Hugs.

Glad it didnt last quite as long, Auburn :slight_smile: Keep us posted. Sending positive rays your way always.