Nervous about rheum appt today

Oh boy. I don't know why this appt has me so worked up, but I am very nervous about seeing rheum doc today. I've put it off, haven't seen him for 3 years. Things have gotten worse since then. I guess I'm afraid he's going to tell me that he doesn't know why I'm there. He already told me what's wrong. Not that he would. He's very kind.

Sorry to vent. This is my great problem with anxiety coming out.


How did you make out with Dr hope it all went well an your stress went out the window I think just all the news you got from your mri’s an stuff is all just getting to you hang in there your a strong woman an take one thing at a time hugs melissa

Hi LK,

Please let us know how the appointment went, when you have a moment. Hope everything went well!



The appointment went well. Dr Khaw is ordering some PT for my hips. I'm choosing a PT who also does acupuncture. It's a little further away, but an easy drive. Dr says I have Degenerative Joint Disease and Osteo Arthritis. He is almost positive. He has ordered x-rays and blood work that I'll get done today. He wants to see me in two months.

I asked him what I can do for OA, he kind of sadly shook his head. Nothing. Also nothing for DJD. So the budget is going to take a whack so I can get acupuncture alternated with massage. The only things that seem to help me.

Now he wants me to go to neurologist about my back getting worse and my neck and head pain and face pain. I had head and neck MRI for neuro 18 mos ago when we ruled out ms. Those should be helpful. He can also help address some of the cognitive issues. May be the meds I'm taking. 3 of which effect the central nervous system. Could be getting some wires crossed or could just be the fibro, says rheumy

I'm exhausted. Always happens when I get the anxiety going over an event, get through it and then it's over and I deflate like a big ole balloon. Don't really want to go anywhere today, but maybe my neighbor will take me.

A little down in the dumps. DDD was bad enough. Now DJD to top it off.

This kitty isn't purring today.

Glad the appointment went well. I was also at rheumy appointment today and she added in Arcoxia 90 mg to help with the pains. We will see if it does. Hope the PT and acupuncture work for you.



I know, news is not always good news, but we need to know regardless. Sounds like the solutions are good ones. Hang in there, girlfriend!

Now I have neurology appt scheduled for Monday. PT and acupuncture Tuesday. I'm going to get all fixed up. Not.

Ann, what did rheum dx you with? Just curious.