Needing to vent

I haven't posted anything in a while although I look at the site a few times a week. I just feel like I'm at the breaking point. I know I'm blessed because my husband is very understanding and tries his best to take care of me when I'm having a bad flare. But I just feel like no one can understand what it is really like unless you live it. I have had a horrible few weeks and it just seems to me like this is a progressive illness. This week I started having severe muscle pain and spasms in my upper back. It hurts to even breathe in. I went to see my doctor (my husband went with me because he was so worried). My doctor (who is actually just a PA) has been the most supportive since I've been diagnosed. I know he really tries. He sent me to one rheumatologist who diagnosed me and did little else. Basically said nothing helps. My PA has me on Cymbalta and Neurontin. Have tried Lyrica and I hated it but he really wants me to try it again. The good news (I hope) is he is trying to get me an appointment with a Rheumatologist at a large hospital who has been said to have success treating fibro. I'm sure it will be a few months before I actually get an appointment. For now I'm just trying to get through each day and not let my kids know how bad I really feel. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Kel, sorry you are in so much pain. Try warm epsom baths for this flare. I find it really can help alot. It is good you are reaching out here and have a supportive husband and doctor. Pain has a way of isolating us which can then in turn lead to depression and more isolation if we’re not mindful.

I hope your new doctor visit goes really well. Be sure you prepare a pain and symptom history for him/her ahead of time. It will be very helpful to you.:slight_smile:



Hello Kel

I hope it does not take to long for you to get in to see the doctor. Take each day one day at a time their are some days I take it one minute at a time. We are here and will offer you support and let you know you are not alone. Let us know how things go.

Hi Kel,

Sorry you are having a bad flare. I know it’s hard. Good luck with the new doctor. Let us know how you make out.

Someone told me that when they gave up processed foods that helped. She gradually did that and finally was a vegan.

I need to look more into this for me and my doctor stated it hasn’t been proven yet.

Again, good luck and let us know.


Hello Kel,

Good to hear from you, and that is what we are here for - so just vent! Others have given great advice, so nothing to add there. Just remember to be kind to yourself, by pacing and asking for help when you need it. Hope your appt. comes through quickly.

Take care, Anne

Thank you everyone. Feeling a little better today:)

Hi Kel,

Sorry you feel so bad...we're here for you! I've been dealing with this for about 10 years so I know how you feel. Recently I had a really bad flare and had to pull out all of the gizmos and gadgets. Being in pain sucks...depression sucks...sometimes it all really just sucks!

For me, heat does wonders. I am blessed to live in a warmer climate (I live in Cali), so it doesn't get real cold, but I'm really sensitive to the cold. I use a heated throw that you plug into the outlet as well as a microwave neck wrap. I've tried the arthritis pain meds (ben gay,, tiger balm etc) but they irritate my skin. One doc I saw prescribed lidocane (sp?) cream and that helped a lot! But I haven't gotten any in a while. Baths help, but who has time to take them?

It's ok to releases poison from your spleen and your spleen needs you :)