Living With Fibromyalgia - Online Support Group

Needing Support

Hi im Rose,
I was diagnosed when i was 16 and over 7 years ive always just gone downhill. Ive tried every suggested treatment and havent been able to complete any study or work since.
I used to play sports, read books and do art and those are things that i miss dearly.
My fiance and fluffy cat have helped me through some very dark times and continue to do so. Hoping to find some extra support here with people who understand what im going through!

Hi, Rose. I truly understand, as do others here, how you are feeling. Lately I’ve been in a very dark place. I don’t open up to the people around me because they’ve heard me complain about the pain so much that I don’t want to add more on them. Sometimes I wish that I had someone in my life that I could open up to and be honest with. Not having a wife or girlfriend makes it tough. My family members aren’t exactly supporters. Anyways, I and the others are here for you. I’m Eric btw.

I am going through similar struggles right now - so much of what I once did I can’t do now. And I am struggling to find a new “normal.” Tonight that struggle is especially strong, so am afraid I’m not the greatest company. I can send gentle hugs your way though and know you can cry, vent, laugh and share whenever you want.

Hi, talk to us here,

People cannot really understand. I even have a sister who has fibro, but hers is different than mine, so she also has never tried to be supportive🙄
Foe many years i handled my fibro pretty well until my vit d levels crashed one bad winter…i did improve again after i got my d levels back up. But this disease can seem like a full time job😂