Needing feedback on Disability process

Hi everyone,

It's been some time again and hardly recognize anyone here! Nevertheless, we are all connected with this illness and support one another! First off I am Canadian so if any Canadian's have gone through this and can give me some input that would be great as I know the system and process is slightly different from the U.S. Nevertheless, all is welcome. I had applied for Disability in early 2013, I received a negative response in Feb. 2014. I have sent an application for a review of this decision. For those of you that don't know my situation, not only was I diagnosed with Fibro, about 7 months later I received a cancer diagnosis. So I dealt with a lot in 2013 and am now seeing a psychologist as depression is what I am dealing with as well. My cancer is in remission and thank God for that and as well the Government finally came through with social assistance and just in time as I was down to the last of my retirement savings. Now I received a call yesterday from the Quebec Pension for Disability and they want me to go see one of their doctors. Despite have an enormous amount of documentation from all my doctors, hospitals etc. My question is has anyone ever had to go through this process to see a government appointed doctor and if so what happens? I feel this is just another way to try and find anything to mark down in their report to not have to pay disability benefits. I certainly do not want to be physically examined as I'm sick of it all. Between follow-ups every 3 months for the cancer and every few months seeing my own doctor as well as a psychologist you can well imagine. I don't know what they expect to see or if they need me to look like I'm sick! As we all know that Fibro is the invisible sickness as well as depression, I am feeling quite anxious about this appointment which by the way would be Sept. 3rd. All input is welcome...

Thank you and gentle hugs to all!


I don't think any of use know about ya'lls disability..We have ssdi that when you work and pay in long enough and you get i'll and you get your doctor ducks in a row you can get that social security you earned...Its not a welfare,that's for people that haven't worked and have intentions of ever working..most born,raised and live on it till aids or crack kills them..

Dear hanging on

I'm not sure I understand your response? I myself am on Welfare at the moment, because I couldn't work for the past two years because of Fibromyalgia and Cancer. I used my savings to pay my bills during that time. I don't have aids or on crack lol

Hi Avenk,

Thank you for your response...well I do hope my appointment only takes 10 minutes. I have the full support and backing of my doctor as well as providing the government with documentation on everything...I even wrote 6 type written pages on what I have been living and dealing with. I was denied the first time too and this time I applied for a review of that decision. Should I be denied again, at that point I can appeal. I really just wanted to know what the appointment with the government appointed doctor consists do they examine you? Or is it just asking you questions? If so what type of questions?

I'm using my experience with the American system, but usually they appoint someone if one your doctors didn't give enough information, so I suggest you get a record or all your records down to the doctor's notes and you fax that to them. It would also benefit you if you look through your country's disability cleared disorders and test for that. You should add your physcrist to your file to because depression and anxiety are common in fibro patients. Give them an updated list of medications. Go to your primary care doctor and request you get a full capacity test and call them and remind them of that appointment so they won't have time to say no again. I think the fact of the matter is that they waited a full year to say no, so they owe you that back pay and maybe they're just beating around the bush, but once you have that test (i suggest not take meds for fibro the day before and the day of, because they need to know how you are without any medication, but of course don't tell them you haven't taken any medicine because they're gonna demand more tests and such) they can't say no, because it will show how mobile you are and if you are capable of working and/or being apart of society