Need to complain

Wishing there was a cure for fibro, or at least treatment that eliminates all the symptoms. So sick and tired of being sick and tired; the highs and lows; the so-so days becoming "regular" days, the brain fog (i.e. [at least for me] forgetfulness, trouble finding the right words {anomia}, poor concentration...), then the days with the "blow your brains out" pain, fatigue, and brain fog! Three days in a row like this... So many pills to treat each symptom (depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia...) Nothing really helps and I am soooo.... sick of it!

Thanks for listening!

Hang in there Kim! You are not alone. It is very hard to find the good when each day is a struggle. But you are still here and can look for the good little moments and treasure them. If you have one day that you did one thing that is an accomplishment! I too got tired of all the medications that seem to not make a bit of difference... Trial and error is the hardest. These days The brain fog and the pain in the evening is what drives me crazy! But Today I have already accomplished dishes, playing ball with the dog and scrubbing the shower( as I took a shower). I am happy with that for one day because I did something.... Good luck and keep trying. May your day get easier. Gypsy

Hello Kim,

That is what we are here for- to listen! I so feel for you, and of course we are the best people, we are going thro it too.

It is a difficult condition, and it affects us all in different ways. For me I try to stay as positive as I can, I have lots to be positive about. How about you, what are your positive things?

More importantly for you, p'raps you need to see your Doc, meds might need adjusting? Maybe explore other ways to manage? Please let us know how you are doing.

Take care, Anne

I know how you feel. I will ask my children the same question multiple times all within minutes of each other. I did not even realize I did it until they started saying ground hogs day. Not being cruel but their way of pointing it out with out saying mom has Fibro brain.That does not bother me as bad as not being able to find the right word when I am talking to co workers or customers and them tell me it’s ok , to take my time.
It helps me to be able to talk about it.
My husband says we have to just take it one day at a time when I complain about being tired of it. Which is almost daily.
I hope you start to feel better and take care of your self. I hope there is a cure one day too but until then we stick together.
Always here to listen!

Hi Kim, I can really relate. I find by the 3rd day of pain/ffatigue in bed it does get overwhelming. I try to hold on to my thoughts of when I have a good day. I try to identfy 3 accomplishments for the day - reaching out for support may be an accomplishment for the day. I feel like 2 people - one who is bedridden and then the other who can do some work, go to gym or spend time with family or friends. The ups and downs of fibromyalgia are really hard. Keep hanging in there.

Thanks everyone for your kind words. Day four with each day a little worse. The fatigue is worse today. Despite it all I've managed to keep laundry done, floors dusted and family fed. We are guardians of a handicapped 3 yr old granddaughter, who brings great joy to our day, yet requires so much attention and care that I'm physically and emotionally exhausted when the fibro is this bad. Using the Spoon story, I only awaken with a few spoons. After caring for her all day I'm short spoons by the evening and can barely move, think... On the bright side, I know I'll start to feel better eventually; whether the symptoms will improve or my body will readjust to this new way of living. Thanks again!

yes, kim, i can relate to all of what you said. although i am sick and tired of being sick and tired, i have those sick and tired days more often than whatever a regular day is now. two years ago, i had a fall (my mother accidentally knocked me over) and broke my back on top of everything else. i have not been able to stand without crutches or canes since then. when that happened, my reality changed completely. now, i am in bed, or rather, lying down, almost all the time. yes, i get up to do what needs to be done and then i am back to bed because my back (degenerative disc disease and all it's accompaniments) never did really heal very well. at first, i was in major denial, but after spending 90 days in bed, doing practically nothing except what had to be done, little by little, i began to accept the new me. now i am finding out what i can do from a wheel chair perspective. I still drive but it is a major effort to get from the house to the car. i only drive once or twice a week to get groceries (my sister goes in the store and does the shopping) and to visit my mother who is in assisted living. i was on many medications and gradually went off all of them. now i do take otc pain meds and supplements but i began to feel somewhat better after going off the meds. i was depressed for almost a year after going off the opiates, and in a lot of pain, but the lift of the mental/brain fog has been worth it for me. the bad days are really really bad but i don't have them quite as often. anyway, i meant to say, "i hear you" and thanks for being there!!!