Need support system

Hello I’m needing a support system mostly feeling alone and have a lot of pain from my fibromyalgia. Appreciate any support thank you

Hello Lynn… let me say that often family and friends do not understand because this is truly an “invisible disease”. This is a wonderful place to come to read and get ideas and information. It can be very lonely. Are you able to work? I have had fibro for 40 years. I have been on every med there is, with very little help. BUT, each person is different so perhaps doc will find the med that helps you. What has been the best support for me is a pet. I am unable to have a big dog anymore due to my health, but i had a little shitzu for 13 years. After she died, I waited a few months and got a cat. if you like animals, I think a pet is very important. It makes you think of something besides yourself. You have to bend and keep it taken care of. If you don’t care for animals, make certain you get outside for fresh air, go someplace for coffee, attend a mild water exercise class. This is a learning process and people here understand. You will find many ideas and helpful friends. We all get discouraged sometimes, and this is a good place to read and write. WELCOME. carolyn

Hi Carolyn thank you for responding. I’m not working not able to . I have been looking for work from home work though, I don’t get out much and don’t drive and have no friends so it’s been really depressing on me lately I do have one cat and she is my baby. I haven’t tried all the meds which works for you? I don’t like taking meds but I was thinking of trying it again.

Lynn, i have had this disease 40 years, so have been on a variety of medicines. Most of them have not helped at all, and often there were bad side effects like neon colored hallucinations, shortness of breath with chest pain, or severe nausea. Lyrica gained me 19 extra pounds in just 10 days. I suggest you ask your doctor if he can recommend a pain doctor. I take a narcotic 4 X a day and GP’s generally wont prescribe that any more due to our Opioid cRisis… Look at a reliable website like Mayo Clinic and type in fibromyagia. watch their videos or examples and get some ideas. do NOT rely on YouTube or friends to tell you what to do. PLease let us know how you are doing. I have a cat named Zeke. He keeps me going. What is your cat’s name.??

I am so happy that I found this support group. I just love it. Sometimes, I just read what other people write and I feel better. Other times, I need to vent, and that seems okay too. So, feel free to share from your heart. I know you will receive a lot of support.

Its helpful , just to have people here who understand what you are going through…

Ask questions and always ask everyone to say things that help them.

I am sensitive to meds, so i use topical pain rubs to help with higher areas of pain. I can only use low doses of tramadol…so it takes the edge off, the topicals aid that…

Also having had fibro since i was young, genetic type, my fibro toolbox is full…each year i would buy one pain relieving tool…
I love my acupressure mat…to look at it…
You woukd think, no way…but it relaxes me and improves sleep :blush:

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Hi Lynn,
I find fibromyalgia isolating as well. Like others have mentioned, a pet helps. I have a cat named Boots. Boots is very comforting, especially when she curls up and naps on my lap. I should have emulated Boots years ago because she doesn’t have fibro and I do. She doesn’t move or do anything unless she wants to do it. Meanwhile, I was a stressed-out people pleaser and look at me today. Go figure. Moving forward, I think I will just lay around, limp, like she does. I don’t think I’ll clean myself the way she does, though. But I like tuna very much.