Need med advice please

I have collected my new prescription today of cymbalta to replace amitriptolin. I did not ask if should continue with fluoxetin and tramadol. I have googled and not sure. Hopefully someone here may know the answer. I am not due back to doc for couple of weeks and really want to try the news meds:-)

Hi Bubbles, I had to go off fluoxetine for a week before starting Cymbalta. I suggest you call your dr. I still take tramadol with no problems. You really need to check with your dr who prescribed the Cymbalta.

Thanks Dottie, he is off work this week, its like being given chocolate and told not to eat it for a week lol:-)

Since he's away for the week try your druggist. Maybe they can help.

I would call your pharmacy. They know more about drug interactions than most doctors. Wishing you well ~ Sandi

Oops, think this is something that your doc could/should answer. And you can call his/her office and ask the office assistant this question. They'll take a message and have the doc get back to you. That's how I deal with good questions like these when I'm not due back immediately.

Sorry to not have a better answer than that but I do feel that your doc is the best person to answer you.

Oh, just saw your doc's on vacation. Does he have someone covering for him? If so, you could call them. (A pharmacist might be able to help if you can't do that step.)

If you can’t get ahold of your doctor call your pharmacist. They are often more helpful than the doctor’s message system anyway. I’ve been on Cymbalta and tramadol with no problem but fluoxetine and Cymbalta work on similar neurotransmitters if I remember correctly so definitely double check before doubling up!

Hi Bubbles, I would definitely call your dr, the Cymbalta is a SNRI ( seratonin norepinephrine re uptake inhibitor ) and the fluoxetine is a SSRI ( selective seratonin re uptake inhibitor ) so they are each from different categories … You could ask the pharmacist if its safe to take them together… I have heard of taking two two different antidepressant from different categories as this. but the two may not work together well. A pharmacist should be able to ans this. But he can’t tell you to stop the one and start the other, although if they filled the Cymbalta a red flag should have come if the two shouldn’t be used together.
I hope you get your ans sooner than later :slight_smile:


The pharmacist is just as qualified as the Dr to discuss drug interactions, although the Dr would be
a first choice since he/she has a reason for the drug choices.