Need help motivation gone


It’s been about 2 and a Half year now I think since I was told I had fibromyalgia. I have now been told told that I have to lose weight and get more exercise. I have all the right equipment and dvds and books to help but I just can’t seem to get motervatid to start it all my partner of just over 2 years now proposed to me last wensday 1st August so I really need to try and get this all up and sorted asap ( I think my weight is around 12stone 9 and I should be about 8 stone 3 for my hight as my gp informed me) so if there is anyone on hear that can help I would be very grateful I did use to go to weight watchers but it got where I just could afford to go anymore hope everyone is doing alright and thankyou in advance


Just an idea.
I have a bit of as issue with pain and activity. Pain takes over and I lose all motivation. But I have a little mutt and he needs walking. Around 2pm every day he gets a bit antsy. He keeps hassling me until I take him out for a walk, so I end up having no choice. At times I curse him, but, at the same time, I know he’s actually doing me more good than harm. He’s a ratbag dog lol He loves his routine.
Maybe a little dog would help you too.

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That is a good idea but I live in a private rented property and we aren’t allowed to have pet and I don’t know anyone in Gainsborough that has a dog I could ask to walk thankyou anyway it is much appreciated for your idea thankyou again


“I don’t know anyone in Gainsborough that has a dog I could ask to walk”

Have you thought of putting an ad in gumtree?

Maybe something like

“I need a reason to go for a walk every day. Do you have a small dog that I could borrow to take along with me? If you are a senior or a shut-in who lives near me (xxxx your part of town xxx) give me a call or send me email.”

Who knows, you might even make a new friend!


My kids all pitched in and got me a fitbit for Christmas and I have noticed that it does help me get motivated. It keeps track of my steps and high activity (don’t have that very often :)) but it does get me up and moving - it reminds me every half hour to get my butt going and get moving. In fact most of the girls in my office have one by now and we try to beat each other. - Just a suggestion.


Hey Shirl

We haven’t heard from you for a bit. Are things going all right for you?


Hey Kickstarterneeded
You have to push yourself like I had to.
Start slow at home,first thing in the morning before leaving the bedroom sit on the side of the bed and stretch out your arms legs turning ur feet around and lifting them up and down
Get the blood flowing,you will be surprised how stretching out helps you.