Hi everyone,

My computer skills are not too good these days but I wanted to ask if anyone else with Fibro and IBS suffers from a lot of nausea. I seem to have it every day now and it is getting frustrating as nothing I eat or don't eat makes any difference. My back pains have also been getting worse and I wondered if that was making my stomach worse.

I had this last years for a short while but it cleared up, this seems to be staying around. Any ideas would be good, thanks.

Hope everyone is doing ok.



I hope you feel better! I don't have alot of nausea. Some days here and there. I have alot of stomach cramping I guess you would call it. Sucks! I don't know if this would work, just a thought but what about anti nausea meds for like sea sickness?? I also read somewhere of eating something dry before you get out of bed in the morning. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

hi sue. I have struggled with nausea many times . Ginger has alot of therapeutic benefits so i always have fresh or ground in my house. i use it in tea . for nausea i recommend using it with camomile . The ginger can be spicy so use a bit a time till you get more accustomed to it. Add some sweeter that you like also. there are also drugs that help. i use zofran. I would also suggest drinking a glass of water and wait 30 minutes before eating a meal which helps with digestion and no lying down right away after eating. it is best to sit up and to finish eating a few hours before you lie for the night to sleep. hugggggs


Hi Sue,
I too have fibro and ibs i use lemon and ginger tea, chamomile tea, ginger biscuits and metroclopramide. When my pain is really bad it makes me physically sick. I will give anything a go. The meds make me sick as well. Ask your doctor he should be able to prescribe you something. I also have omeprazole. If you are having it constantly check with your doc to rule out other things.
I have trouble keeping weight on because i never want to eat. I am not anorexic but am always feeling sick or being sick. They have ruled out ulcer, celiac disease and various other things. Hopefully yours will settle down by itself. I have heard that some people have success with morning sickness treatments like arrowroot.
Good luck

Hi Sue,
I have nausea all the time and sometimes I feel car sick,… I especially get nauseated at night, but I force myself to eat, like a bagel and it helps. I think my nausea started when I started meds recently…

Hi nykijo,

Thanks for your answer. It's been getting me down a lot lately, and now with all the nausea and lots of side pains, I feel worse. Yesterday was awful, never had such pains before. Now feel like I'm bloated all over!

I'll have a look into anti-nausea meds although I'll try ginger first.

Thanks again.

Hi Suzie,

Thanks for your reply. I have some ginger and have used it a few times, with some honey. Yesterday was a worse day for me as I had such pain down the left side, the worst ever. Now I just feel bloated all over. If nausea doesn't clear up soon will make appointment to see doctor-that should take about 2-3 weeks. I'll try the glass of water as well.

Thanks again.


Hi Lovett,

Thanks for your reply. I don't take any meds except painkillers when I need to, I try not to take too many because of my stomach. I did start a vitamin B complex on recommendation from a health shop, a couple of weeks ago but have stopped it now, but no change yet.

Thanks again.



Thanks for your reply. I have fresh ginger that I use with some hones and also ginger tea, but not keen on camomile. Yesterday was a bad pain day, all down the left side and now feel very bloated all over. I did ask the doctor a while ago about nausea and said that it was worse when bending over washing my hair and she said to wash my hair in the shower, and that was all. Had some tests and other things been ruled out, but am getting really fed up with it all now. Might try arrowroot.

Thanks again.


Hi TinaWi,

Thanks for your reply. I have asked my doctor about nausea and back pain and been told that it's all Fibro and IBS, and also by a consultant, told the same thing. Yesterday pain was very bad down left side, not feel bloated all over. Not heard of emailing the doctors office, doubt we'd have that here, they're always too busy. To get an appointment will be 2-3 weeks, so may have to try and get one. Thanks for the gentle hugs, sending some back to you.

Thanks again,



Thanks for your reply. I seem to get more nausea in the mornings, and then evens out a bit during the day. I did start a new vitamin B, but have stopped taking them now. Yesterday was worse day for pain down my left side, now bloated all over stomach area etc.

Thanks again,


I’m reviving this one as @SueT is still around and it has many treatment suggestions, to bundle and add.

Interesting one, but haven’t got it regularly myself. When I did it was induced by doc treatments in my first year of full flare.
Pubmed has no studies about the connection. Searching for ?nausea fibromyalgia? brings up 4+ sites that have very similar information and all claim that 40-70% of fibromites have nausea - not properly quoting their sources. My impression from forums is not that it is that common, it doesn’t seem a core symptom at least. So I wdnt say someone is wrong saying it is not fibro itself.

Core fibro-related causes of nausea these sites name are thyroid, depression/anxiety, IBS, severe pain, meds (antidepressants SSRIs, SNRIs; Lyrica Cymbalta, Savella) (#1+#3). More generally: “motion sickness, stomach infection, migraine, certain odors, food poisoning, gallbladder disease, very intense pain, early pregnancy, indigestion, certain viruses, chemical toxins and emotional stress. - Causes of nausea are nearly always due to problems in any of these three parts of the body, the brain and spinal fluid, the pelvic and abdominal organs, and the inner ear.”
Disequilibrium, weak eye muscles, migraines, IBS & neurally mediated hypotension (#2±#3+#4).

For help one of the (#1) says what I wdve otherwise said “diligent and dedicated tracking of all symptoms and treatments.”
If it happens intermittently, esp. when you feel it coming up to start looking what is different and find a pattern, e.g. with IBS praps eating something different.

What you can do isn’t nec. specific, but all 4 sites have various suggestions, eating and herbs as well as meds.
#1 Nausea and Fibromyalgia - a common symptom ?
#2 Nausea - Fibromyalgia Symptoms
#3 Fibromyalgia may trigger Nausea and Vomiting - Fibromyalgia Resources quotes #4 as reference
#4 Fibromyalgia Nausea: How to Cope With Persistent Fibromyalgia Nausea

Threads centering on nausea here, a few suggestions everywhere (I’ve corrected the med typos):
Reasons: pain, meds, overtired, connected with balance problems, overdoing it, stressed, tired, check foods for intolerances or food allergy (e.g. pineapple), migraine:
Check meds (pharmacy): Try splitting tablets unless extended release. Questioning all opiates except for FM the opioid Tramadol (‘Ultram’), if that’s necessary try low dose Tramadol and build up as long as tolerated. Try changing.
Check foods, praps with doc.
Herbs: Ginger with camomile, lemon and ginger tea, ginger biscuits, real ginger not ginger ale, candied ginger, chamomile tea, arrowroot (for morning sickness), peppermint tea, (ginger beer and soda if you can keep it down[??]). BUT- this is me - no ginger or peppermint tea if you have a hyperacidic stomach, only c(h)amomile.
Meds: ‘Zofran’ (ondansetron), metoclopramide, ‘Phenergan’ (promethazine) for opiate induced nausea,
Tips: glass of water 30’ before a meal, no lying down directly after eating, eating a few hours before bedtime, lying down, candy, glass of milk.

Original threads here

A lot on this one itself, esp. from @suzie: Ginger with camomile. ‘Zofran’ (ondansetron)
glass of water 30’ before a meal, no lying down directly after eating, eating a few hours before bedtime, lemon and ginger tea, chamomile tea, ginger biscuits, metoclopramide, arrowroot (for morning sickness), causes seen in: pain, meds in this thread.

none really in the thread Nausea from pain meds

peppermint tea, candy, lying down, Christmas crowds & stress, ‘Phenergan’ (promethazine), ‘Zofran’, real ginger, not ginger ale, overtired, connected with balance problems Nausea

overdoing it, stressed, tired, meds (check with pharmacy), check foods for intolerances or food allergy (e.g. pineapple), migraine (ginger beer and soda if you can keep it down[??]): Not Nausea!

Meds: Splitting tablets unless extended release, ‘Phenergan’ (promethazine) for opiate induced nausea, try low dose Tramadol first and build up as long as tolerated, questioning opiates except for FM the opioid Tramadol (‘Ultram’), glass of milk, candied ginger: Nausea

Hi JayCS,
Yes, I’m still around, but can’t get on line as much any more. My nausea has evened out somewhat thank goodness, but still have peppermint tea which does help, and fresh ginger as well when I can find some. Few years back when I had it bad again I asked the doctor (could actually get to see one back then) and she gave me tablets for something else-which made the nausea worse so she gave me tablets to stop the nausea, but it didn’t so had to stop taking them.
Can anyone say what is a ‘good day’ that I read about with fibro. My days have all been awful for months and getting to feel like I will never feel any better. The pain has got a lot worse, and seems all over the place, the chest, sides, stomach down my legs, and the back pain is hard to keep putting up with.
Still looking for somewhere else to move to, which doesn’t help when we are stuck somewhere we don’t like.
Thanks for all the advice about nausea.

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