for a month now I have been nauseous and throw up every few days. I’m NOT pregnant. does anyone else have this problem? what helps?

i have suffered with nausea on and off for many years but i also have GI( gastro intestinal ) problems as well.When i first came down with cfids (aka CFS/ME) i dealt with nausea. I bought fresh ginger and boiled it and drank the water or i put it in my tea. It is helpful. I also have a medication called zofran that helps me with nausea.. Have you told your doc about all this and the vomiting? I hope you get yourself checked how to find out if they can find some reason for this that could be treated. i wish you well. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS

Hi, well for the first 3 years I had fibro, I would throw up ever other day. However, I have an ulcer where my esophagus meets the entrance of my stomach. It took me that long to find a my Dexilant 60 mg, which has been my life saver. Also all the meds we take are very ruff on our stomach and we always need to eat something before taking our meds. I learned the hard way but I always have crackers, bananas or apples by my night stand in case I wake up and I’m having a bad day with the fibro. I would advise you talk to your dr about this and have them help you out with the nausea. Best of luck and stay strong, you will find what works for you only with trial and error. We are all different but you and only you can keep track of what works for you. Just pay attention to the way your meds make you feel and always remember to read all the side effects your meds have on your body and or ask your dr as soon as he thinks of prescribing you a new med. I know you will figure it out but keep us informed.

thank you everyone. I went to the doctors today but he was no help. he says it’s the pain and the headache and he’s not comfortable adjusting my medications any more …trying again for a referral to psychiatry and pain management but my insurance has been fighting. against that not wanting to cover. it. it’s a huge mess. and I’m so depressed because of the pain and he thinks its the other way around. and its not. I just can’t take it. anymore. sorry for the novel

oh! I do feel better knowing I’m not the only one throwing up too because it was worrying me even though I did feel it was from the pain. so, THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND YOUR SHOULDER!