Anyone else get nausea with their regular batch of symptoms, does it come and go on it's own or is it stress induced? We've got a lot going on right now - tons of stress and I'm so sick right now I could vomit. But I don't have the stomach bug or anything. I do have IBS and have had periods in my life where I was just nauseous no matter what I did. Definitely notice it when I'm stressed, but never this bad. Anyone else???

Yes, I get nauseas when I over do it! I did this a few minutes ago and I feel like I am going to get sick:( I feel weak as well when this happens, with horrible pain. I believe that over doing it and stress are factors that cause this. Hope you feel better Butterflydragon!

Hi. I have been struggling with being nauseous for several days now. Am feeling better tonight though. But not sure what started it or why I feel better tonight. Don't get me wrong I am very glad to be feeling better!

Jackie S.

Only when I'm in a lot of pain. But please have it checked out by your doctor soon if it persists, Butterfly Dragon, as it sounds like a big change in occurrence and that worries me. I guess I'm just one of those "go to the doctor" types of people when something comes up because my own parents are/were the opposite way. I'd rather you be safe than sorry. I mean, nausea can even be a symptom of a heart attack. I'm sure it's probably "just" the fibro but it's good to get your doctor's point of view on it too.

I hope you feel better tonight and tomorrow. Feeling nauseous is horrible. It pretty much puts you into dry dock, although you're probably there anyway due to the fibro.

And all I can say is WHY does fibro cause nausea?

Hello Butterflydragon

I was having a great deal of nausea and my pharmacy reviewed my meds with me and after talking to the doctor we changed the times and some of the foods I was eating and it really helped. Now I have sever nausea if I over do it and am in a lot of pain. I would speak with the doctor to rule things out.

Thanks everyone!! Though part of me hates to say it, I'm glad I'm not alone. Think I'm gonna have to start making a list of all the "random" symptoms I experience. Sometimes I think, I think it's just the weather or something...then again I dismissed for years that my arms would get worn out/hurt trying to pull my hair up in a ponytail. Seriously thought it was part of that "no pain no gain" we women went through to get all glamoured up. LOL I can't ever remember a time it wasn't like that - it was a surprise to me to find out it wasn't normal. LOL

Anyway, I do have leaky gut syndrome or whatever it's called. Have gone off gluten, dairy, and have to watch the amount of soy and beans I eat...none of those could be the culprit. I'm not on the vomiting level today, but am still having to be careful what I eat - still it doesn't go away. =/

Thanks again!! Hope all your days have been better than yesterday!! *Hugs*

Sorry, I don't remember, have you been food allergy tested?

Staying away from soy is hard to do, it is in just about every processed food. Stay away from the boxes of premade food items.

Before I was food allergy tested, I had no idea what was making me sick. I spent years nauseous after the birth of my son. I'm talking 7 years. One night while visiting my in-laws my husband and I went out drinking. We were at the drive through and I started vommiting and couldn't get the door open fast enough. This rarely ever happens to me. I spent the whole weekend dry vommiting. I had so much stomach acid. My in-laws thought I might be pregnant. We had to wait for us to drive home. It wasn't going to stop, finally my husband got me some really good antacid and it settled down. I thought I had alchole poisoning, this had never happen to me before.

Fast foward, I was drinking pina colada's at different occasions and would get a red hot rash on my chest and face.

When my son got sick, I was allergy tested and find out that I was allergic to pineapple. Which is what made me sick when I went out drinking with my husband, years before. I never had a rash that night or anything. I never had a misquito bite hive.

I some how got onions in my food last night, and I woke up scratching. It looks like a razor burn rash.

Are you allergic to soy and beans?

Have you been tested for H. Pylori, it's what causes stomach ulcers? Or for stomach ulcers?

I suffer severe nausea. mine is related to migraine headaches but I do excuse the description projectile vomiting that comes with the headache so it;s very easy to get dehhydrated which causes a problem all of it's own, But I have found two simple drinks if you can keep them dow do settle your tummy, ginger beer and soda water it helps me a lot if that doesn;t work I have to have a stemetil shot to stop me getting dehydrated hope you feel better soon

Hi gimpyKat, I've not been tested for anything like that. I've had the Celiac work-up, I don't have the disease, but I do have an intolerance for gluten. I haven't had a food allergy test, but am careful with my diet and have a fairly good idea of what makes me sick and what makes me feel better. It would be good to get tested though.

Sorry about your horrible experience - so does not sound fun!! Hope your recent rash has healed!

Take Care,


I'm so sorry it's so horrible for you! I've been vomiting over the weekend - I've not had my stress make it that bad before. =/ Thanks for the reminder about ginger beer, I had my hubby get some for me. It's helped sometimes and others just made me sicker. =/ Trying to at least stay hydrated. =) Hope you're feeling good this week!!

Hi everyone. I am new on here and was just browsing when I came upon this discussion. I have been miserable for the past month with an upset stomach 24/7; and thought it was due to a change in meds, but after reading all of your comments I'm not so sure. I've never had a food allergy test and was wondering how to go about having one of those?

I'd think it's something you could ask your doctor for a referral too. I have leaky gut syndrome and aside from a full celiac panel I've not had any testing - I've worked with my doctor to eliminate food by how it consistently makes me feel. Though, the gluten I didn't realize until I'd been off it a while and then mistaking started eating something with it in it. Some days it's all stress related and everything makes me feel lousy - those days I live off ginger ale and gatorade (if I can keep it down). Hope you get some answers soon and feel better!!