Mystery Fevers, now doc wants another specialist!

Okay so I run these mystery fevers once or twice a week up to 102. So now my doctor wants another specialist because, there is a rare condition. And I’m sorry I don’t have my fibro book on hand. But basically, it’s a reaction to one of the many meds I’m on. And starts with the fever and eventually can shut down vital organs. UMMMMMM WTH ??? Really I thought was just part of Fibro. And the kicks keep on coming.

Oh, I hope not!!! I know that lupus can cause slight fevers in people. Has he explored that avenue? But if it is the mysterious illness, I hope its caught fast and stamped out before any harm is done! Truly this is a new one on me, Robyn, so I'm at a loss of what else to say other than "fight, fight, fight!" SO very sorry to hear this news but I hope it's not hat the doc thinks.

Hugs and prayers.


Hey Robyn,
Oh my gosh! Thats terrible!! Im so sorry! I am assuming the dr. Told you what medicine is causing it and took you off of it right? Gosh I hope so! Please keep me posted. I will be worried if you don’t get back to me. Love fibroerr ( Lisa ) : )

My PCP has no idea what med. it could be so thats why were going to specialist. And no not looking at Lupus. I can’t find it right now fiancé not being nice when I can I’ll tell y’all exact thing they are looking for

Robyn, definitely praying about this for you! I do hope the specialists can pinpoint the problem if it isn't FMS or CFS related. I've had times when I ran fevers, especially in the early years. Mine would run around 100 - 101. My daughter was diagnosed with CFS when she was only 11 years old. One of the main problems was that she ran a fever every day for over a year. Her fever was always around 101. She's now 20, and when she pushes too hard, she runs a fever. Now, she knows that's her signal to slow down and rest much more. I do hope your fevers are something this simple and not some horrible side effect!

Let us know how you're doing and what they find!

Dear Robyn,

I hope they can soon give you some solid answers so that you can get on the proper med. I never seem to get a temp reading, but can wake up sweat soaked, without it being too warm in the room or too many covers on. Seems to go with the territory with my autoimmune.

I'd get with my Doctor about this med, and really have a talk, if you can xerox the page and carefully write down anything that fits along with any other symptoms you may be experiencing.

I hope you will be well soon!


I do know I was on seroquel at night and in three months my BP went from perfectly healthy to over 300 so now I’m on blood pressure meds (Lipitor) and the diet from hell. And I’ve always ate healthy. So just keep that one in mind