Hi everyone. I am Simon I live in Taunton in the UK with my partner . I am to this site and have tried a few times to introduce myself. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2007 since when I have had to give up my job , I hope that I am introducing myself in the right section of this site if not can someone please help me.


hello simon… i THINK you are in the right area. people read the notations at random, depending on how they are feeling that day. I have had fibro 38 years and functioned pretty well until retirement. now it seems that the world had tumbled down on me. Are you taking any meds. What kind of things are you able to do? and are there some things you really enjoyed that you cant do anymore. I loved travel and photography. now i have to take photos near my home and along country roads, but that does make me more creative. There are all kinds of folks on here. feel free to look at all the other “threads” and make a post there if you feel like it. Again, welcome Carolyn

Hi Carolyn
I was a staff nurse for 23 years before being forced into early retirement after a stroke , I take gabapentin at 600mg 3 times a day which I have to say that the doctor told me these are set to be increased to 900 mgs 4 times a day . I do take other meds for other reasons like epilepsy , I try to take regular daily excersises but can only manage a short period of times . My partner who is also my carer works 3 days a weeks for Walmart but here in the UK it’s Asda so she pays me for being a house husband it tends to take me all day to get things done with resting at various times but my partner understands my problems very well. Thank you for welcoming me to the group . Simon

Hi Simon. My last Name is SIMON. most folks dont understand fibro, so its good to have someone as friend and caregiver who can understand. I am no longer married,and for months I fought the idea of “help”… but finally gave in and my insurance pays for 8 hours of house help each week. I have split that into two 4 hour afternoons. I have a list for the person to do, I had to put down my last dear dog one year ago tomorrow and am struggling tonight with having to “do the right thing”. I did get a wonderful Cat last August, as I much like you, can only do things in short periods of time. I could not get another dog as unable to walk far enough and long enough to do him/her justice. A cat takes a bit less care. I also used to feel quite guilty if I laid down in the afternoon or heaven forbid Took A Nap !!! now I have accepted that if my body requires it, i must take a nap. Right now, my doctor is experimenting with low dose morphine for my pain, but to ME, it’s like eating a bit of M&M candy. Gabapentin did not help me at all, but my neighbor had extreme head trauma years ago and takes 3800 mg a day to ward off seizures. I guess the bottom line is we are all a bit different.
Have a good day tomorrow.

FORGOT TO SAY : if you go to top of page and/or/ find Home. Then look at the topics across top of page and click on FORUM you will find lots of specific subjects… read, post if you wish, its lots of info from people like us who understand. simon to simon !! LOL

Hi I have to nap in the afternoon as I feel like something from a zombie movie . Getting round shops I feel it mostly , as I said to Carolyn my partner works 3 days a week which I then have to fend for myself although mostly I am glad of the peace I also find it very difficult and dangerous to even cook a meal or make a drink because of the epilepsy and the frequency of falls to which I have now been alarmed . I did want a small dog maybe a westie but as you have said it’s the pains of walking and I cannot be cruel to animals . Simon

Hi @simonv1961 and thank you for introducing yourself. We are happy you found us and I am glad you’ve been able to connect with @carolyn (and hopefully others) already. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would simply like to chat.

Thanks, and we wish you all the best, Simon!