My turn to 'stress out'!

Well, here I go...

Besides a huge snow storm ready to pound us, yes that's 26 solid hours of snow coming our way, starting tonight, the barometric pressure is already crushing me, my Grand daughter called in a panic that she no longer has a baby sitter for my 3 year old grandson. That his Dad had not been watching him and he burnt his hand on the stove. Can I keep him?

I don't know what I'm going to do with him when I go to the Dr Wednesday, that's out of state to the Rheumatologist, have to go, almost out of Enbrel. The wait there can be hours, and hours... Husband has VA Dr appointments.

No food in the house, haven't felt well enough to go, now with snow and the baby coming I have to!

Just now got another call, she and the baby and one of her girlfriends are coming NOW to 'hang out, wash clothes, get a bath, do her hair..." She doesn't have to be to work until noon tomorrow...

So that means the 11 year old will probably need someone to keep him too....

L-Kitty, you and I are 'in for it', girl! Deep breaths! We're NOT going to flip out! We are going to be fine!!!

SK, yes, your turn to stress! LOL ;) Thanks for all of your help when the rest of us are stressing! How about enlisting the help of the 11 year old with the 3 year old? I babysit an 8 year old and 6 year old friday nights twice a month and the older sibling has been a blessing when the 6 year old is too much to handle for me...;) She steps right in when I ask her to help me with her brother.

Good luck! Chin up!

*hugs*, try to keep calm... stressing will not help, you know that you can only do so much at a time so trying to do too much and get too much sorted will not be helpful. You will manage, then look back and wonder how you managed. If you have time to chat and need to talk you know where I am. As for the snow.... I know that that is like... preheat the house, stay warm and look after yourself. xx

Oh boy, my husband jumped in the shower exclaiming "no one is getting in the bathroom or washing clothes until I get a shower", in the mean time my Mother has her coat on marching around the house waiting for me to get the grocery list, coupons, and everything ready to go to the store, I haven't even been able to get in the bathroom, as I did not want to go in and stress out my husband! LOL!! She's gonna cook her goose before I'm even ready!!!!!!

It's just gonna be one of those days, and they are here! I'm just OVERJOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take deep breaths... if it helps just let out a massive scream. I am sure your husband has nothing you have not seen a hundred times or more before so why not go in the bathroom? Tell your mum to look after the kids and then collect her for shopping when you are ready, better still send your daughter shopping for you as you are doing her a massive favour, she can take your mum, then you can stay at home and settle the kids in whilst they are out? xx

Oh MY!!! First off, how appalling to be getting such a HUGE snowstorm this late in the season! No wonder you're feeling badly - the barametric pressure before snowstorms must drop like crazy and it's killer on the body!

Think you're going to need to stash a knapsack's worth of stuff for the 3 year old during your epic Enbrel trip. Food, drink, pacifier, blanket, a few small toys, coloring books...when my young son got injured and had to wait for hours in ER, he and I played hangman. He actually enjoyed it and can still remember playing it! Of course, 3 might be too young for the game. Action figures are good because a kid can make up adventures for them for hours. Can you bring some sort of technology that is small and can play movies? That would help. Wow, that's going to be a loooong 3 hours, SK. I totally feel for you.

At least the 11 year old can entertain himself easier than the 3 year old.

Use the mobility scooter at the food store if you must. It's easier than draining yourself by walking. Try to make a list and map out where it is so you can hit all of the areas at the same time without going back and forth up the aisles.

I SO feel for you and wish I had better suggestions. Wishing you the very best over these next few days and feel free to email me if you need someone to listen.

Thanks, well the car door was luckily the neighbors, so I was able to get a bath and get dressed, get the list together, my granddaughter decided to wash her clothes and give the baby a bath at her house, she is meeting me at the grocery store to help us, which is all good.

So far the 11 year old is staying at home with my other granddaughter, the one getting to graduate, however I still expect him to want to come, though I know he is off all next week and plans to come!

So far it's not as bad as it originally was, but the disco song 'FREAK OUT' keeps running around my head!

Goodness, sounds like you're in for a fun time! I don't have any suggestions other than to keep breathing. Best of luck with the snow and the children :)

Wow that is just too much. Even being my age I would b freaking out as well.
Since it sounds like this dr appt is going to b extra long having a three year old to occupy u need to plan ahead. I have been stuck with young ones in ers and drs its not fun. Here r a few ideas. If the dr waiting room has a tv and dvd player call ahead and ask if u can bring a video. If they say yes then go to red box and rent a movie your grandson has not seen and let him watch it there. Also u can go online and find a easy easter or sping project that u can do together. There should b lots of fun print outs. I am sure scissors and a glue stick will b ok if that’s what the project calls for. If u can maybe buy a new toy for him. I would bring a few different things. Stuff to color, cars, his favorite action figures, even a bag of blocks. Peturina was right bring things he can pretend with. If I think of any more ideas I will let u know. Oh and to make sure he had enough to drink I always brought one bottle of juice and one with water so I could mix them in the sippy cup. I also brought different kinds of dry ceral.
Good luck and stay safe and warm. Hugs

Well, at least you got to clean up before you FREAK OUT. And the baby is clean too - excellent!

You're going to have your hands full with two kids who are so far apart in age. Make sure you take rest breaks when you need them. And Eyorelover gave you great tips for the three year old. A new toy would be a great distraction to start with, methinks. Oh yeah, and i forgot, kids books. Kids love to be read to. Over and over and over again. Of course, you might drive the other clients potty!

Thank you for the valuable tips! I just have the baby, my granddaughter was a great help lifting groceries in the cart, and she loaded the car. Hubs unloaded it. It was snowing like hell from 6:15 up until a few minutes ago and it tapered of but hasn't quite stopped, so it hit 3 hours before it was predicted to start.

If we have all that snow, I will not be going to the Rheum, no way! He''ll have to just call the pharmacy.

He's watching Sponge Bob, we had honey chicken nuggets, fries, white corn and started with raw broccoli dipped in ranch then dipped in Parmasean cheese. That kept him happy while the rest was in the oven. Until I got bad, I never bought prepared food, not even french fries, everything was done the hard way. No more! I still cook real food, but if I know they are coming I try to cook it a day ahead, so I am not adding that to the list of things to do.

We bought $545. (before coupons) worth of food! It was 2 1/2 carts full! UGH!! I'm about dead!

Looks like I have 3 people waiting to join and a little boy who needs to be 'noached'!!!

Hi SK,
your family is so lucky to have you !!!
I think I’d call the dr and see if he can call in your Med … ?? I just know how active a three your old is, & especially after a long car ride… Ohh that’s a tough one.
I’m going to have my 5 year old grandson next week, while he is out of school… I’m already thinking this is going to be some challenge. I just hope I can enjoy some of it , he is such a good boy & such a pleasure, so maybe it will be good for me.

I can’t believe you are getting snow …ugh thats just not right…I wonder if its the snow we got here a few days ago … Last week was like January… Cold, blowing snow , it was awful !!
You are soo amazing & I know your granddaughter really must appreciate knowing that you have come to the rescue !!!
Hoping … that things go well !!
Hugs & blessings

SK, I'll be thinking about you this week! If there is still a lot of snow, I would call the rheumy and have him call in your meds until the next appointment. It certainly will save you a lot of stress. I remember taking my kids when they were very young. The wait at my rheumy was ridiculous -6 hours (so glad I no longer do that). Each child would have a bag of goodies such as paper, pencils, crayons, books, games and of course, snacks! The other patients were always very understanding, as was I when one of them had a child or grandchild. If you do happen to go with the kids, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much others will interact with them and help you. I always told the kids what was expected of them before we went into the building, so they would behave. A little promised treat or meal out if they're good always helps too! :0

Let us know how things go for you!

Thanks girls! We just woke up in the living room! Me on the couch, he on the chair, passed out, with Sponge Bob loop playing over and over! ha! So now instead of the 'freak out' song in my head it will be the Sponge Bob song!

It's snowing again, the ground is nearly white, so it will lay! Here we go! So long as we have heat we will be okay! So hopefully no down power!

I have so little stamina these days, even if I've taken no pain meds, I'm just quickly worn out!

Dee, I hope you have a wonderful week! Avenk, you amaze me with all of those little ones in your home, you surely are a blessing to them! Surely they would be lost without you!

All of you mothers who fight through this illness everyday to care for your children, my heart goes out to all of you, we are here for you!

We have 5 inches of snow right now at 6:30 am, it is coming down fast and hard, the plows have been busy all night!

Thought the pain would subside once it started snowing, not a chance. The baby and I did pass out earllier, so I did sleep about 3 hours! Gonna be a LONG day, kids! ha!

Aww bless you such a rock!! Hugs n prayers sent your way x

Still snowing! ha! Watching Yogi Bear AGAIN!! Starting to know the entire Yogi and Boo Boo dialogue!

Hope you are managing still.... *hugs* xx

2 cat naps, but I feel a big CRASH on the way!

Snow turned to rain, melting some of it, and it looks like it stopped, so Pap is taking the little guy out in the snow, and I'm hitting the couch! Hopefully it's done! We must have had 25 Robins that we saw running around (in the snow) from the kitchen window! Spring can't come too soon!!!