My situation

After a complete year battling with the Housing Trust, week before last they finally put a ramp down that does not have to be taken up. The ramp goes from my next door neighbour’s front door to mine with a gentle slope down, which is a benefit for both my neighbour and myself. Both neighbours have very bad arthritis and struggle to get out of their front door. The shear bliss that I do not have to go out backwards and can walk straight in without all the struggle I had trying to get myself in and the rollator (walker) in with painful arms and legs. The downside of having this ramp my neighbours are demanding it to be taken down and they are doing all they can to get it taken away. I am just going to enjoy the use of the ramp while I have it. Hopefully the Housing Trust will not get it taken down after all it cost them a lot of money to put it up.


What??? Seriously??? Oh my goodness. I don’t know how well you know them. I’m a big believer, when talking to people who just don’t get it, to remain calm and try to educate them. Maybe there is a way to kindly point out that you hope they will never have to use a ramp. I’m definitely not wording this correctly. My brain is a bit foggy right now. I think I’ll get back to you about this. I don’t mean rubbing it into their face. And I know rosebud, you’re not that type of person. Ahhhhh. Better go.

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Thank you Freedom, you worded it perfectly. Unfortunately my neighbours are not the sort of people you can talk to as they always talk about themselves or if I do talk with them, they just butt in before I can finish what I was saying. They still put my wheeling bins out for me so they cannot be too annoyed! I did ask them last week what have I done they are so nasty to me. But they just denied that they are. In case of an emergency they are the first port of call that the Life Line people contact. I think it might be more to do with having the ramp than actually me. Hopefully things will quieten down soon.