My Doctor dropped me today

(this is a readers digest version for now, as I am too tired from crying all day) I had an appointment today with my GP, and because of my letter to him about the charging me for the "missed" appointment, and when I told him I didnt agree with his diagnosis, he got up and said get another Doctor and walked out. Now that I have had some time to calm down I am thinking, how juvenile was that? Because I disagreed with him, he is taking his barbies and going! He screwed up told me to book 6 weeks off for a surgery he hadnt even confirmed, and he is mad at me? If it werent for the fact doctors here are very hard to get, I wouldnt be upset, but almost all of my prescriptions are done in a month and then I am screwed.

Dear Teresa, I know how upsetting that must have been, but he was NOT taking very good care of you, from the sounds of it! Arrogant and immature, and lets not forget inept if he is not getting appointment times for surgery down. Time to get busy and get a better one quickly! I think that in the end, it may be a blessing.

Don't let this upset you too much, I REALLY do think you can do better!

Wishing you well, and on your side,


Teresa, I'm so sorry. I had a bad experience with a pc when I was first diagnosed. But my last appointment with him ended in me doing the firing. During the appointment I was very upset, didn't understand fibro, couldn't understand what all the meds were for and I was crying for empathy and explanations. Then he had the nerve to say to me "well at least you don't have cancer"! I was stunned. I now have a good doc. Several, in fact. Some doctors should never have gotten their doctorates. I think you are better off without this guy. You are not screwed. The next few weeks you will just have to figure out how to get a new doc. I know it's hard, but you will just have to do it. If I were you I would write a letter to have put in your chart that explains what really happened. That way when a new doc gets your records the last word doesn't belong to the old, bad doc. Does that make sense? Fight back baby! Especially if you have a pending surgery that needs attention.

Big ole hugs,


Teresa - a good doctor should never be offended when being questioned OR if you wanted a second opinion. In fact, they encourage it. I am so glad you got away from him! He's an idiot. (I could think of stronger words, but don't want to use them here!) Laurie

My Internist dropped me also. He was a great doctor but middle eastern with a power trip. I never allowed him to talk down to me because I had already had so many surgeries and hospital stays.

I had to go back into the hospital and guess who was the attending? Right… I made him tell me why I got that registered letter. We had a good talk. Basically, he couldn’t do anything else for me.

Fortunately, I know a lot of people in the medical profession and found 2 or 3 to try rather quickly.

I am so sorry you had to deal with this. I got a letter. You were told. They sure aren’t gods.

Teresa that so called “healer” isn’t worth one more of your tears. He was behaving very immaturely and got his panties in a bunch. You need to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Hopefully, this time you will find the right doctor to help you.

I wish you luck and don’t take any bullshit from douche bags.

Gentle hugs,


Connie - good response! That's what these doctors are - douche bags. They have a HUGE sense of entitlement that they carry around with them all day long. It makes me sick! Laurie

Doctors are vain... Surgeons are worse! (I dated one, I know! I swear it is a prerequisite). I have been through so many doctors. I have been lucky to find a few good ones. I can usually tell on the first visit if they are going to listen to me or not. You never know, this may lead to that one good doctor you need!

Kitty - are you serious?? Your doctor said that to you about cancer??? OMG!! I am livid! My fantasy would be, if he said that to me, I would've given him a black eye! Not really....but you know what I mean! Hugs!! Laurie

I am so sorry that happened to you! Be grateful that he quit! Do you really want someone that unprofessional treating you, It does not sound like he put in the effort to understand you properly! I hope you find an amazing doctor.

Hi Teresa - i posted a response to you - but I just wanted to say that I am SO sorry for what has happened to you. I have been through the wringer trying to hook up with good doctors and it seems sometimes, that it just gets harder and harder. But I am trying to be positive and keep telling myself that they ARE out there....somewhere. The fact that this situation made you cry, just breaks my heart! Please!! Keep pushing to find good help. Don't give up. You prescription dilemma - well,,,I have been through that before. Can you call that doctor to keep your Meds going? I don't see how he can refuse you. He's extremely irresponsible - especially with the surgery thing. I know you are upset, but I am relieved that he is out of your life. I definitely wouldn't trust him with any surgery either! HUGS!! Laurie


I agree with SK, and Kitty may end up being a blessing maybe you"ll find one that cares! You don’t need someone who is no good. Although of course right now it is so difficult to be messed around like this.My friend has cancer and even she says that this fibro is far worse than what she has!!

Is anyone in your area and know of someone decent?

Cheers Barb

It sounds like it may be tough for a little while but it you will likely be better off in the long run once you find a better doctor.
Since I have Ehlers Danlos, I don't go to local doctors anyway. I only go to specialists and usually have to drive a ways to go to them. My two doctors I'm seeing now are an hour away for one and 4 hours away for the other.

Dear Theresa,
I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I believe everything happens to us for a reason, we may not know that reason for months or years. Until we get that ah ha moment when everything all makes scense. Or it may be a higher power looking out for you. We don’t know why this stupid excuse for a doctor set you free. You will find a new one. I would suggest a female if you can find one. They just seem to think like we do because they are like us- female. I was kicked out of a doctors office I never set foot in because I had missed an appointment due to Fibrofog.

I just recently found out that the counselor who helped me the most anyone has ever helped me has come back to work at the office I use to see him in. When he left I was devistated. I even had my husband drive me 6 hours one way 3 times so I could see him because my meds had gotten all screwed up from doctors who didn’t know what they were doing and didn’t believe in the fantom Fibromyalgia.

My old counselor got me back on track for about 2 years, then I went down hill from then by doctors messing with my meds and telling me that I didn’t need to take so many. I should have said screw you and found another doctor.

My whole point is that for some reason or another I may have played a part in my wonderful counselor coming back so I could see him again. I had to fight like hell to see him because I live in a different state and that clinic only see’s people from that county. I had to get the director of the mental health center to go to the board of directors to get a ruling that in 1995 was changed to only see people in that county. He was able to get that ruling eliminated just so I could see my dear councelor who gave me my life back a few times over. I am still in shock that this director fought for me, someones he doesn’t know and has only talked to me on the phone. WOW, karma was on my side that day. I will be getting my life back again on May 8th.

You have to fight for what you need to get yourself better. When my psychiatrist retired I spent the whole session with him crying. I cried for weeks then I got the inside news my counselor was back in my hometown to work and make people better, not just me.

I wish you the same luck I’ve had. I have not seen my old counselor yet so I don’t know if he can get me well again, I just have to hope he will.

Never give up hope. Keep going to doctors until you find the one who will make you well. I agree with LKitty write that asshole of a doctor and document what he did to you so it is in your medical chart and that letter will be the first thing your new doctor will read!! Never give up hope. You will find the one tomorrow or next year but never give up the fight.

My councelor was gone for 15 years and now he is back. That is a long time but he is back. So never give up your fight Theresa!! And I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you and wishing for your miracle!! Take care of yourself and go take a nice hot bubble bath for yourself.

LOL! Yes, Laurie, he really did say that. And while I was laying on the stupid table with him standing over me. Oh, it was so wrong. It was really obvious he didn't like me, didn't want to or know how to talk to people with fibro. You know, Teresa said she was shirt tail related to her doc. Well, my doc's sister was my friend growing up...they were neighbors. BLaaahhhh. Makes me sick. I needed you there to give him a black eye for me! For real!

Hi Teresa, I live in B.C. and went through a similar situation with my 'then' Dr. and came home in tears. I called other Dr.'s in my area and was told that there were no Dr.s accepting new patients. I then called the College of Physicians and Surgeons and explained my dilemma AND what the Dr. had put me through. They told me they don't like to take complaints over the phone but in my case they did...and immediately directed me to another Dr. A good one I might add.

Just a suggestion that might work for you and is worth giving it your best shot. You have to be very persistent with the College though.

I wish you the best of luck.

God only knows we need all the help/luck we can get.


Oh dear. This is one of those situations where some doctors will definitely drop you immediately. How do I know this? Oh, well, because I dared to tell my young son's GP that I wanted to get a second opinion because my son kept getting sick with the same thing and didn't seem to get better with the meds the doc prescribed. So he dropped my young, still sick son immediately. Some doctors honestly think that they are Gods and forget that WE are paying them for care, and NO, they are not God.

So anyway, I'm really sorry that this has happened to you, especially since it will definitely affect your care. It was juvenile of your doc to do but I guess he felt so insulted that he just couldn't stand it. Baby.

Wow. I wish I had some suggestions for you but I don't. It's especially rotten of your doctor to have left you holding the bag -- i.e., without a way to renew your meds. That is SO unconscionable.

I hope you can find someone better in a short time. That would be great. You really don't need a doc who messes up your surgery schedule and who leaves you without any medical support. You need a doc who believes you and who'll work WITH you.

Good luck and keep us posted.



Hi Teresa,
I am very sad for you. This isn’t right. Just know you didn’t deserve this and you are going to be okay for

this reason, : people in this world can be down right uncompationate and one big bowl of wrong! They think

they have all the power in leaving someone stranded like that. Little do they know, that we are survivors of

something that they have know clue what it takes to live with this every hour of everyday. Take your power

back , hold your head high and know that you got this! Take good care. Keep in touch and let me know when you find a Dr. : ) my name is Lisa ( fibroerr) I am going to put in a friend request incase you want to be friends .

Dear Teresa

Although this is certainly upsetting behaviour on your doctor's part, but from what you've said I have a feeling that it is for the best. He was definitely not keeping his end up. In fact he treated you terribly. So, I think you will find that it is for your best. But you will have to find another doctor within this month so that your meds don't run out.