My cat

Hey everybody,

Please send prayers and healing thoughts to my cat Daffy. She is almost 14 and has a host of issues we deal with on a daily basis. I just spent almost $500 last month on her and her blood work was better and she looked and acted better. Now she has a bacterial infection in both ears so another about $118 and I have to put medicine in her ears every night for a week. She hates stuff like that and fights and I get scratched. She doesn't mean to, she is just trying to get away. She scratched one of them and her face to bleeding. I have had her since she was 4 months old and we have been through a lot together. I only have a few friends here and no family so not much of a support system locally.

Thanks in advance and G-d's blessings to you all!


I'm so sorry to hear about Daffy. Our pets become our biggest support and comfort due to the unconditional love they provide, and they are our family, our children. I just went through this with my cats-- my Nollie was 17, and was very sick for over a year. I had literally provided 'hospice' care for him-- I had an IV bag hanging from the light fixture in the living room all the time, because he had to have fluids once a day. Medicines, injections, IV's.... it added up to a huge veterinary bill, and he certainly wasn't happy with it all ! I lost him in January, and his brother Cody suddenly 3 weeks ago tomorrow, and my heart is just shattered because I loved them both more than most of my family.

I'll be praying for Daffy, and for you, that you get through this rough patch quickly. If there's anything I can do, please let me know.

Hugs and Blessings,

Thanks Renie, SO Appreciated and I am sorry about your losses, I understand. I had my Molly for 17 years from 3 months old and I still miss her terribly after 13 years.

HUGS back,


Thanks so much! I have been asking him too. I send you Hugs and understanding about your animals. Saying prayers for you and them too.


Hi Susan, Im so sorry to here your daffy is sick, it’s so hard !!! What an emotional time… I will say a prayer that daffy gets better & that you can manage this upset
The unconditional love we get from our pet is unbelievable…

Hugs &

Thanks Dee. She looks so uncomfortable and I just hope I can get the med in right. I have to do it every night and she hates her ears being messed with.


Oh Susan, I'm sorry your Daffy isn't well. Our pets are our family. I wish they had longer and healthier lives. I'll be praying for your Daffy. She may have many good years ahead. This might just be a difficult time for her.

Big Hugs,


Thanks L Kitty. I am sure she will. She was doing much better last month. I think her body is just throwing off toxins and this is how it came out. The vet thinks that makes sense cause she has been eating Kefir and sometimes coconut oil for 3 months and they are both to detox the body.

HUGS back!


I hope your kitty gets to feeling better soon. Maybe she scratched the vet assist because her ears were hurting her. Poor thing. That cannot be fun. Hopefully the medicine will get rid of the bacterial infection in her ear. It does get harder to be their parent as they get older because their bodies start to go on them and of course that hurts us too. But it sounds like your'e doing the best you possibly can do to help your kitty live a good, pain-free life for as long as she can. Bless you for that. All pets and children should have as good parents.

Sorry to hear Daffy isn’t well. Poor little thing. I will pray for your girl :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear of your cat being so sick! Hope she pulls through!

My message didn't go through. Anyhow she is a bit better. She has had 3 doses of ear med and more coconut oil on her scratched up skin to heal it. Also several people sending her Reiki. Are you feeling better? I hope so. I am praying for you.



Thanks, she is a bit better then yesterday. Thank G-d!


She is a bit better thanks! It was me she scratched but she didn't mean to, she was trying to get away. I'll be glad when we finish all the doses. I am being as loving as I can so she'll heal better and faster. My vet is very impressed with how well she is doing (last month her blood work was better) before this happened. She said I am an example of how to take care of a cat. That made me feel better. She has had kidney disease for years and asthma and slow gut motility and she lifts her butt to pee so there are pads on the floor. I wish I could cure her but only G-d can. I will be grateful when she is back to running around jumping on her kitty furniture and meowing at me! She gets better care then most people give their children. LOL


By nature, I am a dog person - greyhounds, poodles, wheaten terriers...yeah, definitely a DOG KINDA GUY. My last lady friend had two cats. My poodle broke the code and fell in love with the two cats. After the eighteen year old cat lost her battle with cancer, my poodle and her remaining cat, the one that wasn't real happy about the thought of a dog in the house to begin with, suddenly loved his company.

We have since split but I miss that damn cat.

Either way, cats or dogs...they become part of out lives and a deep part of our family. Nobody makes me laugh as hard as my Marley Bob. He is ALWAYS there for me and I know that he too, secretly misses the cat. To that end, Marley and I secretly view one of the funniest websites online, called "I Can Has Cheeseburger?" (

I know you are sad and you may not be ready to laugh. Personally, I've always found that laughter is the best medicine, particularly for a sad heart. My suggestion, hold your kitty, visit the website and laugh together. You'll remember that moment forever.

I hope Daffy gets laugh-y and starts feeling better, immediately, if not sooner.


Thank you Marc! She seems a bit better tonight. I am trying not to worry cause it doesn't help at all! AND I am trying to remember this is temporary and she'll be better soon. I love dogs too, I just can't have one where I live. NO room and of course Daff is an only child. She wouldn't want a sib at this point. Tell me something, WHAT is the difference between a lady friend and a girl friend? I have heard both and read some opinions.


Susan Im so sorry to hear about your baby Daffy. I know how hard it is to see an animal go through an illness. I have a female cat myself and always had one growing up so I know how you feel. Animals tend to fill our lives with so much joy that we forget about ourselves. You are both in my prayers and please keep me posted on how she is doing. Much love to both of you!


Thanks Carrie so much! She is laying on the chair with me so she must be feeling somewhat better. I love animals and wish I could rescue them all! All my kitties have been shelter kitties. I was only allowed to keep the last one who I had for 17 years and so far I've had Daff for 13.



The difference between a lady friend and a girlfriend? I actually looked this up before answering and the consensus seems to define lady friend as a friend who is a lady and girlfriend is a romantic partner. I do not use the terms that way. If I'm being honest, I am upset at having been dumped BECAUSE OF MY DISABILITIES and when I write about those days, I tend to use the term "lady friend". It's not that I have a new girlfriend or even want one.

It's pathetic, I'm only 45 years-old and I think I'm probably done with the whole relationship thing. I've become so isolated in the past year that making moves towards meeting somebody seems like such a monumental task, it doesn't seem worth it.

So, there you have it. When I think about why my marriage and last relationship ended, I refer to them as lady friends. When I think about how I was loved, had a good life and slept on a bed with a poodle, a cat and my girlfriend.


My husband has always been a dog guy. Never liked cats. We have had cats over the years, but they were always the kids cats or barn cats (although we cared for them like family).

Last spring my adult son and I were driving past a park (we live in a rural area) and my son spotted a cat from the road. He wanted to go check it out. We tried but couldn't catch the cat. We did find a litter of tiny kittens, two weeks old. It was pouring rain and they were soaking wet. Some were not doing well. We took them to the shelter and they gave us all the supplies to foster the litter. Some didn't make it. Some did! We ended up keeping the beautiful calico. I always worried about her because she was always so sick. But she got better and strong. Now my husband is in love with her. It's so funny because he doesn't mind her jumping up on our bed. He holds her and loves her. I love our little Picasso so much. (She is where I chose my name from). She acts a bit like a "rag doll cat". She and our laborador are best friends. So I get what you mean about being a dog guy, gone a little cat crazy.