My body going crazy

Sorry I haven't been on to support other too. But I am having a real hard time. I also been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. That is for the first time in years unstable. My thyroid is out of whack, I been dealing with that for awhile. Unfortunately the endo dr I got is being conservative. She tells me a plan and then when the results come back says I have to wait another six weeks.

Not sure why. If the results are not bad enough. I ask questions not getting the answers. I wake up with a headache everyday. Things are getting worse.

I not sure what to do anymore. I cry everyday. You can't make the drs do anything. I ANA when I asked my regular dr what that means I guess its just a piece of the puzzle.

I ask questions but I don't really get an answer. I have a strong background in medical field I am not stupid.

I feel like they are just not wanting say they don't know and this is best its going to get.

I have googled a lot of things they think I also might have going on but there are a lot of symptoms of those things I don't have.

There are a lot of things going on now that wasn't in the beginning and some things they are getting worse.

I getting really angry I feel like being jacked around.

They don't want you take pain meds but then don't want to help get relief.

I not sure what to do anymore. I really don't have a lot of people to talk to and not very good support system when it comes to medical part. For all the people that have chronic pain and FMS I can't believe I can't find a support group to go to sometimes you just need to talk to someone in person.

Not sure what to do anymore. I have to see a Rhuematologist in sept and not looking forward to it. Last two my sound like I was being a baby

Sorry this so long.


I too suffer from bipolar disorder, fibro, and a bunch of other stuff. I feel your frustration. I am sorry you are going through all of this without some kind of support and not getting any answers. My regular dr diagnosed me with bipolar disorder then a few years later it was fibro. I went to the "best" Rheumatologist in town and he told me I had fibro. I already knew that and did nothing for me. I hope you don't have the same experience. I do believe that doctors just jerk us around because they really don't know what is going on or don't have no answers. You are not being a baby by the way. Fibro hurts and hurts badly. I would suggest that if you get your bipolar disorder under control some of your fibro systems will not be as bad. You are still going to have flares and pain but it wont be as bad. I am not on any "bipolar meds" I have managed it with Pristiq, Xanax, Lyrica, and when I have flares my dr does give me pain pills but only a few to get me through my worst days. Don't give up. You just have to find the mix of medications that work for you everybody is different. The one thing I have learned is it is my body and I know it better than anyone and I have control over my own medical care. If you don't have a good doctor try to find you one that will take you serious and listen to you. If you need to talk. Just message me. I wish you good luck and feel better soon.



Hello Tina,

Sorry to hear that you are having to deal with so much - sending positive thoughts your way. I think searching for a doctor that you feel happier with is important, as princessrenee has suggested. Also, I found a good group of friends though a pain management course I attended, and now we have formed our own support group, meeting regularly. I wonder if this is possible for you? I am in UK, tho' so don't know if similar is available, if you are not. Failing that, we are always here for you. Wish you well

Take care, Anne


I have also been trying to find a support group that I can talk to in person, especially on my flare up days! But like you I haven’t been able to find any. I even google’d for a fibro hotline lol it was worth a try anyways. I come here or I also found a couple sites, i guess that’s what you call them, on Facebook. However, on my flare ups I can’t even pick up my phone most days so I suffer by myself because my husband and kids don’t know how or if they can help. My youngest daughter has started making the dinners on those days which is such a relief, can’t get the boys to do it, (who are older, of course). My oldest daughter use to do it but she maked out and is in college now, we all miss her, but I think I do the most. She was my best support even before my diagnosis.

As for the doctor’s, I have a masters degree in biochemical engineering and the doctor’s still treat me like I’m crazy or don’t know what’s going on with my own body. Best advice here: give them a piece of your mind. Don’t let them walk all over you. Be proud of you! If they are too ignorant to listen then move on. There’s lots of fish in the sea when it comes to doctors. I’m loosing my PCP but she gave me 2 months notice and even called just to let me know. I’m not looking forward to finding another. I already see 9 of them as it is.

I am using my education, knowledge and contacts to try and fix myself so hopefully we have something to look forward to but the FDA can be a royal pain to get anything through.

Best wishes for happier days,