Muscle Wasting From Fibromyalgia

I think you might do some more research about aerobic exercise and FM. Here is one study out of several:

Aerobic exercise, which is actually quite difficult to achieve for anyone, is a front-line response to FM.

Hi. Yes, absolutely. I was very fit and worked out a lot prior to my diagnosis. My muscles were very defined and I was very strong. I definitely see wasting and atrophy. It really shows in the weight loss as well. I just hurts too much to work out. I just bought a video work out that requires a weighted balancing ball rather than just lifting weights. I hope I can tolerate it to gain some muscle back. Guess those of us that worked on lifting before can notice the big difference. It’s upsetting. I worked hard for years to keep fit and have lean muscle and to watch them waste away is heartbreaking.
I wish you luck. Sorry it’s happening to you too. I struggle just opening simple packages and jars. This from intense interval training to very weak.
Good luck.

Wow!!! I hear you. What nerve. I spent all last weekend reading academic papers on FM and cried. Prognosis For remission is only 24 0/0. Very upsetting. I find it very frustrating when we are told exercise is the treatment. I loved working out. It was my outlet. If I could I would. I exercised 5 to 6 days a week. I would rather be late for work than miss a work out. These remarks are as bad as " hang in there", or “buck up.” REALLY. I put up with this from my Insurance company. And of course they never sent me to a doctor.


Sorry to hear that - the change must have been difficult. I used to have toned, strong arms but I now have difficulty opening things(including some doors), too. It's almost humiliating. After the accident, I went through PT and sometimes that would cause more pain, so I had to stop. It's really frustrating when everything, every activity (even typing) causes pain. I can't even do too much of walking which I used to enjoy.

I can certainly relate to (used to) being fit and having well defined muscles. I x-country ski-ed competitively, was a tennis nut & would swim 6 days a week for an hour. Now as the FM has progressed..those muscles have disappeared and I am unable to lift weights or anything the least bit strenuous to get 'just a portion' of them back.

I also have difficulty opening jars and oft times struggle with turning a door knob. I can no longer take a bath as my legs are too weak to get out of the bathtub...that's even with grab bars on it. I've tried PT but just end up in more pain. Since I have a very low tolerance to chemicals..I cannot take any of those heavy duty pain meds like Cymbalta, Lyrica and ~~~~. I am stuck with OTC (Advil) and medical mj.

I get soooo frustrated...guess that's why I sounded off at Siskiya's post.

I hope we ALL find something to help us.


Lots of times...I feel so humiliated & helpless for not being able to do the simplest tasks.

Oh yes....those 'hang in there' - 'things could be worse' - 'try not to be negative' blah blah blah...remarks do NOT help us. More like annoyed & angry. I recently had an acquaintance suggest that I start walking with her for 1/2 hour...building up to 2 hrs. I looked at her in dismay...!! Geez...some folk simply refuse to grasp our situation.

If I could walk for a decent amount of time....I would have a tidy home & yard.


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Hi Geranium. I just had a thought about your swimming. I know exactly what you mean about the swimsuit thing. Even if I'm not heavier than I was a year ago, what is there is not looking too toned. I weigh far too much. I haven't been to the pool since last spring and it's mostly because of fatigue. I don't care what others think about what I look like because I don't know anyone there anyway. But that aside, there are some really nice yoga clothes that you might wear to the pool. I'm talking about the synthetic stretchy fabric that's not thick and it's snug fitting. Usually black. I could see using a top, either long or short sleeved, and some of the shorts and over a swim suit. You would be covered and could move a little bit.

I hope you're doing good Geranium. I have missed visiting with you. Have a great day.


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Hey girls, when I was still allowed in the pool, I got one of these to help keep me warm, it hides lots of sins too, I wore a sports bra and underwear under it, but you could wear your bikini under it Geranium!

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Thanks so much Kitty for your novice idea. I truly had not thought of that and will be out looking for a yoga outfit now. I also weigh far too much..something that has happened with the progression of FM. Some I've noticed have said they lost weight..but I think I've gained b/c I started to eat too much...all the wrong things...all at the wrong times. No exercise, boredom, frustration..need I go on?

I've spent MOST of my life trying to gain weight as I was waaaay too thin. My 1st husband used to call me 'Olive Oil'...haha

Now I have to figure out how to lose all that excess baggage which I'm sure is NOT helping with the FM pains in my back.

Again...thanks for the idea & I've missed chatting with you also. I read the various posts everyday but don't always feel UP to typing.



What is Creatine & how do you obtain this? (guess I could look it up..duh)

The single side weakness was a brief prelude to full blown weakness & pains.

I've had 2 Dr.'s tell me I have I can only trust they know what they are talking about.


ME in a bikini??.......haaaa ha. But I like the idea of this suit...especially since it says it will protect me from sea lice & hide those sins.

If you will google "creatine and muscle" you will probably find the stuidy online. I buy it from Amazon in a green and white plastic jar by MusclePharm (I have NO $ interest in this company!) , maybe twenty bucks but you only use a tiny scoop and it was half price a week ago. Keep in mind, you take this before doing exercise, I don't think it will do anything otherwise and it isn't a miracle, it's a supplement with modest effects.

Not to be critical here but I have to comment on this topic. Muscle wasting is neither a diagnostic for nor hallmark of FM. If you are inactive due to pain or fatigue, you will lose muscle mass. As you age, especially past 50, you will really lose muscle mass as a matter of course, which is why weight-bearing exercise is recommended for aging folks. It's just not accurate or fair to newbies with FM to scare them with muscle wasting, they will need to do muscle work through pain, no matter how bad. I've been struggling with FM for 25 years, have some days when my 2 pound weights feel like 1 pound, some days when they feel like 100 pounds. I use them anyway.

Well, isn’t that the truth Geranium. While you’re at it, why not train for a marathon?

I am so frustrated here in Australia there does not seem to be a lot of info available…what is available trivialises the condition and stresses exercise and mental health professionals. If I could exercise I would…but it is really difficult when you are both mentally and physically exhausted. I have the added difficulties of ILD (a chronic lung disease) and severe osteoarthritis in both hands (having first fusion surgery in 2 weeks). My first pulmonary rehab class ended up with me in casualty, I passed out!!

So to all those advocating exercise as a cure…please tell me how to do I do that???

BTW…yes I am depressed and down and I don’t need a psychiatrist or psychologist to tell me why!!!

Very sorry to hear of your experience and difficulties. Exercise is not a cure for anything except..lack of exercise! When you have comorbid illness, fancy way of saying multiple diagnoses, things get more complex and you end up needing sophisticated treatment, IMO, with someone who can integrate your care. I would have a hard time making that happen here. I would hope that a PT or exercise specialist could come up with something you can do to keep your blood moving.

I know it. I have a good appetite at the wrong time of day! And I think we all suffer from the boredom. I was a skinny kid and was ok most of my life...until fibro. Now I can't believe that's me in the mirror!

Seriously. Doctors and nurses used to tell me that my pain and fatigue are caused by depression which I did not have. I 'felt' depressed because I was so sick all the time, not the other way around! Who wouldn't feel depressed when you are sick for years?

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That's a good question. HOW can you exercise when you are passed out?? HOW can anyone exercise when they are bed-ridden?? I am not bed-ridden anymore but I still cannot exercise because I have no energy left after working full time, 6 days/week. I would love to go for walks but I just don't have anything left.

I'll get right on that....!! haaa ha